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    People in this scheme, is it a positive or negative experience..

    I don’t mean by being disabled or health issues..

    I mean handing over your allowance for the service provided for what you receive in return..

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    It’s so far been 100% positive.

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    You still can’t get any better than this scheme anywhere else let’s be honest

    it has it downfalls yes but it’s still a great scheme

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    I think the scheme is brilliant. I reckon it saves us money over a private lease, given that those do not include tax, insurance, servicing, tyre and breakdown cover etc. Choice of vehicles is a bit limited but I can usually find something suitable. The real bonus, though, is the all-inclusive nature of the scheme. I do not have to spend hours either on the phone or the internet hunting down quotes for insurance, breakdown cover etc. Not having to deal with the box-tickers and/or slippery, dodgy coves is fantastic.

    I’ve said this before but it is worth repeating: if I lost my PIP benefit higher rate, I would like to use my own funds to lease through Motability. I really, really do not see why this cannot be allowed.

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    While the scheme doesn’t suit everyome, has it’s odd flaws and often bewildering way of working out the AP’s on some cars I think that for the majority of it’s users it does an excellent job.

    I’ve been on – off and back on the scheme over the last 15 years and the main benefit (for me) is the peace of mind I have in knowing that whatever happens to the car it will be sorted out and not cost me a fortune I simply don’t have.

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Well this is a first for me, yes I’ve moaned about waiting times,(my old private car was crashed into parked up though so no transport), also £1000 on top for auto transmission..</p>
    But had the car since Xmas time, had one puncture repair, and a recall with courtesy car, must say it’s been great…

    I think we sometimes forget it’s a great help..

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    Really ‘happy’ with the scheme and Motability too. For me the only downside are the dealerships. I just wish I could find a dealership that I feel comfortable with, one that tells you facts and not fiction or fairy stories, one that treats you like a genuine customer.


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    I think this question has been asked a million times on this forum and I don’t think I’m exaggerating.😁

    Reading my post here and about you will see my niggles about Motability but overall its a great service and happy with it 99% of the time.




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    Sometimes it’s nice to try encourage new people to comment..

    I know a lot of post can get repeated but also lots of new people join, and not to be disrespectful, it’s nice to hear  some different views and experiences..


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    Hi, Have been with VW Corkhills Wigan and have always been treated with top level service.

    All I can say is Motability is first class service given what they can provide, I have not seen as yet anyone that has claimed and proved they can provide a better service.

    What is it those complaining about want from Motability and how do they propose to achieve it.

    Enjoy your car, cheers Michael

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    Its a very good lease deal if you do lots of miles. For those who use grants its good. Its a support service too.

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    Mike 700

    As a former Banker, previously involved in issuing funding for lease schemes, and leasing cars myself for many years , via several Leasing schemes including various Company Car schemes, I can also confirm that the Motability scheme is one of the very best available, giving complete ‘peace of mind ‘ to ( sometimes) vulnerable people.

    I would give it Eleven out of Ten!

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    Over the years I found Motability to be excellent, Great value even with the reduced range of vehicles post 2011 Daily Mail fiasco.

    It cannot, however, by its very nature be all things to all (disabled) people.

    Over the years I have been on the scheme I would give it a definite 10/10 though.

    However personally speaking, time moves on and having late last year retired from my day job (only to end up going back on a consultancy basis when my successor sadly succumbed to Covid), I decided to leave the scheme and buy privately.

    My new vehicle isn’t available on the scheme (and to be honest, I wouldn’t expect it to be). However, the time was right for me, and I tagged my new vehicle onto an order my family’s farms were making, so got a decent deal.  I took delivery 3 weeks ago.

    My Motability vehicle went back at the end of the lease last week.

    Am I sad to have now left the scheme? Well, yes and no.

    I will miss the excellent customer service and the fact I got the whole mobility ‘package’ being paid out of an allowance (WPMS) that I have never really missed. Plus, that total ‘peace of mind’ the scheme gave me.

    On the ‘no’ side, I have now got my what I consider to be my ‘ideal vehicle’ (albeit my bank balance has taken a bit of a hit)!

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    @BigDave will you be staying/posting in the future here now you opted out.

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    What did you get @BigDave

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    @BigDave will you be staying/posting in the future here now you opted out.

    Hello ajn,

    Albeit I have left the Motability scheme now, being a ‘disabled motorist’ I still have an interest in disabled motoring.

    So, I will still pop in from time to time.



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    What did you get @BigDave

    Hi Elliott,

    A new Landrover Discovery Commercial diesel-hybrid auto with a few added bells and whistles.

    It can carry the wheelchair as well as 4 ewes in the boot (providing they aren’t too large or in lamb – its 3 in that case!).

    It will come in very handy for my ‘retirement hobby’ – training sheepdogs for our farms.

    You never know, I might even end up on BBC Countryfile one day in the ‘One man and his dog’ bit……………… Dave Dreams lol!

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    Great stuff, Well Done BigDave 👍

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