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      Some dealers seem to be asking for deposits when I go to order. The Audi q4 sport Quattro wants a £1000 deposit against a full AP of £4299. I’m ok with that but what happens to it if I change my mind before delivery? Is that deposit lost?

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        That’s why they’re asking for deposits.  With the later cars added to the scheme, especially EVs, they will be buying a £50k car in the hope you stick with your current plan.  In the wake of people changing their minds it’s not surprising that deposits are now required.

        Whether you lose that deposit comes down to how, when and why you decide not to proceed as well as how determined the dealership is to retain that money.

        I was asked to put down the same deposit and it was a little surprising but I could see why.

        If there’s any likelihood you won’t follow through with that order, the deposit should make you think carefully before potentially giving away quite a chunk of change.

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