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    is it ok to ask dealer when ordering new bmw to debadge car at factory

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    I asked for my X1 to be debadged but my dealer came back to say it wasn’t allowed. When I went to pick it up one of the guys came out the service dept and showed how easy it was to do it yourself, he had a handful of sticky pads and gave them to me so I could put them back on when it was time to hand he car back.

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    I asked for the GT badge to be taken off my current car before it was delivered.  I really hate unnecessary clutter on, and in, my car.

    That Merc is just taking the proverbial . . . .

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    Rsa or mb don’t cover anything we the leasee have in the car either and at the end of the day thats what we are the leasee. We rent the car, Pretty much like if you rented a house. Just over a longer term. You never own one bit of the car or house over the term.. Someone else does it’s their property or goods.. Their permission is needed for any changes.

    72 dudes  is correct also if 3rd party adaptions are needed they also need fitting before you collect the vehicle and enter you pin, for them to be covered by rsa and anything done to the vehicle needs the owners permission thereafter. Which Mb are highly unlikely to give in most cases and their permission is needed or your breaking the terms of the agreement you signed and one could be terminated from the scheme if you  had the car re-mapped and blew up the engine or transmission because of it.

    Some it seems think they own the vehicle for 3 years, Then they give it back to MB that is not the case.

    MB own it and as such under law it is their asset and i reckon the buyers at the end of the lease ie, the car trade at the end off the day they want the badges on. I’m ok with that.

    They don’t mind you paying for extra’s as long as It adds to the value of the car when you give it back and they then sell it, but if it has the chance to devalue it thats another story. As that could effect the starting AP which is based on the 3 year value. Some cars with certain packs from what i have heard are not as desireable to the 2nd hand car buyer so those options MB may not permit one to have fitted on certain makes or models thats upto them. The providing dealer should be well aware of that at time of ordering , after all he is the agent in the contract between all parties.

    It is the way it is and there is no point trying to ask for something they don’t allow outside of those terms setout in the agreement, that we have to agree to, too be part of the scheme. If one doesn’t agree which you do not have to agree to, then the scheme is not for you.. don’t sign the agreement, That’s contract law.

    Myself, i never add extras, i find a car that has what i need as standard, up to a certain AP I can afford.

    Just into my 4th car now on the scheme not had any issues because i understand the terms and that i don’t own the car.. IMO, what wanting to take the badges off  has to do with ones mobility issue, i don’t know but understanding the terms of the agreement is the most important part.. It not about yours or my personal views or what one would like to do it. It’s not my or your car, it’s what the owners allow and they don’t allow it.


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    72 dudes


    You misunderstood me.

    At the time of ordering, the options you have selected are put into the Motability computer system. This includes the cost of options, and any AP payable when you collect the car.

    The system then refreshes, and the salesman takes off a printout which you sign, as does he on behalf of Motability. This is your contract which you then sign and endorse when you input your PIN on collection day.

    It would be inconceivable to believe that somehow these authorised factory fitted options would rhen somehow be exempt from the 3 year insurance policy.

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    72 dudes, I understand what you’re saying. What motabilities page is saying is that you cannot choose your options without having phoned them first and them saying you can have them. It’s there in black and white to read:

    We’ve never ever been informed of this in the 12 years of being on the scheme and I’m worried that we be suddenly caught out in some way now either by having an accident and finding out we’ve never been insured or handing a car back and being presented with a bill to return the car to the standard spec without the options. Our current car has quite a few factory options fitted.

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    Dave G

    @ddsimmons1 ,I don’t see why it should be a problem. Have a word with the dealer. When I went to order my VW Golf there was an option to debadge free of charge which I should’ve done. All it would’ve done is remove the TDI sign. There are common complaints of BMW customers and others in regards to jetwash removing certain paint/features off their vehicles. If the option is there go for it! I’m looking to enquire myself when I go again to order.

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    72 dudes


    Ah, I see where our confusion lies! .

    The link you give is for “optional extras” like roof racks, tow bars, boot liners. Things which you might order from Volvo, but which are often fitted by the dealer at point of sale.

    Where as items like rear cameras, heated seats, comfort packs are factory fitted and have to be ordered as per my previous post, and form part of the deal.

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    I have had every bmw on scheme d badged when I sat down yo order

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    @72 dudes

    Thank you for clearing that up, makes much more sense now, I wish it went into detail on the Motability page, it would have saved my confusion although back to the topic why would a factory no cost option to not have the badges on not be allowed? We had this option on our Mini a few years ago. You wouldn’t know it wasn’t allowed unless you phoned and asked. Our order went through with the option and we collected it without the large spaced out countryman badge on the back without issue.

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    My Touran doesn’t have any badges other than “Touran”. Having said that I don’t see the point in debadging. Unless of course it’s a Ford which I don’t like!

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