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    I found the experience from my last service from my Volvo dealer was a bit rubbish.

    I was just wondering what other folks experienced

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    My Skoda service was carried out without any fuss, and the car was collected from and returned to my home address. What I have found frustrating is that with Motability extending the interval from new to first service to two years, my car’s computer regularly told me that I was overdue a service or needed an oil change etc. etc. This was a tad annoying. What was your experience with Volvo?

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    It was with Volvo Wolverhampton which is close to a 50 mile round trip, so what I try to do is arrange any appointments at the same time, Doc’s and a bit of shopping , I was told I wouldn’t need a courtesy car because the service would only take a max of one hour and I could wait so I waited and waited after an hour and half I enquired at the service desk and was told another ten minutes and a quick wash I was only then offered a cup of tea.
    I finally got the car back after two hours and forty odd minutes and a sorry about that it was Motabillity, we didn’t get clearance.

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    I had a similar experience with Ford some years back, and since then I insist that they collect and return my car to my home address. I can see why a 50 mile round trip would make that difficult though.

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    Hi the I have had nothing but a good experience with my current dealer which is Volvo in Newcastle, nothing is too much trouble. My last car was Ford and the dealer was apauling, well that is not strictly true, the sales side was fine but the servicing bit was terrible, I actually got told I couldn’t put my a dog in the courtesy car which after pointing out my dog was a guide dog and therefore allowed in any car regardless of if there is a no dog policy, the service guide said could I not use her just while we had the courtesy car. As you can imagine I was not amused and I told him that was not going to happen and if she was not allowed in I would report him for breaking the Disability laws, he soon shut up. I got so angry I wrote to the chairman of the dealer group and got a very lovey letter of apology or should i say a grovelling letter of apology lol.

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    I’ll think I’m going to try Volvo Shrewsbury Volvo next time it can’t be any worse.

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    Hi Landyman
    i have used hidsons in rainham kent to service my citroen c4 for the last 3 years they always collected and returned the car cleaned and washed super service.
    having a seat alhambra for my new car hope they are as good.

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    Joe London

    Snows of Portsmouth, BMW dealer, have been excellent, very willing to do a deal on the AP, and upfront about discounts on any extras, no problem with getting the good condition bonus, good communication via email or phone, just a pleasant experience all round. lovely cafe in the showroom, they were so nice to my 85 year old dad, who wanted to sit in some of the very high end cars, excellent handover and demo. No need to be local either.

    The Snows Mini dealer was equally pleasant as we popped in there to try out the new countryman, couldn’t have been nicer, or more accommodating, even when told, we were just browsing.. 5 stars all round..

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    My experience of dealerships has been extremely varied, especially in the last 12/13 years.

    I have tried large companies and small independents. Generally, for me, the bigger the company, the worse the experience. This was perfectly demonstrated when I got a Seat. The dealership was a small independent when the car was ordered. By the time the car was delivered, a large national group had taken over. The exchange was a nightmare as they had lost the grant notification. The after-sales service resulted in several complaints to Motability not least when the car was in my possession for only a 2 week period during the last 4 months of the lease.

    My current car was ordered from a small independent in Fife. The Motability salesman there is a gem. Unfortunately, I live 200 miles from the dealership so getting it serviced was tricky and I went to our nearest franchise, huge company, we were treated with nothing less than complete contempt. Remarks like, “You only live 3 miles away, why do you need a courtesy car?”, really don’t help.

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    I have to say that my own two experiences with BMW have been exemplary. I’ve dealt with very nice professional people, who have treated me like a valued customer.

    Mazda were also keen and efficient.

    My four experiences with Ford have been distinctly more downbeat. I think the words “disinterest, dishonesty, amateurish and c*ck ups” spring to mind. Failed orders, eight months waiting, and scratching my car during a service (then unsuccessfully trying to deny responsibility, until I pointed out my paint on a post close to where they’d parked my car). I bet there are some good Ford dealerships out there, but I went to three different dealers over the years and sadly I haven’t found one yet. I now wonder why I kept giving them another chance?

    Skoda were somewhere between fail and just about okay. I was never made to feel particularly welcome although they were reasonably polite but not the most efficient. They also failed to sort out my expensive option of Park Assist so I’ve been unable to use it due to very confused and noisy side sensors. I’m also still waiting for software updates (VW cheat saga) to be sorted and nobody seems too bothered about it. They collected and returned my car efficiently each time they needed it, which was a plus though.

    So there you have it …. Four different manufacturers and vastly different results.

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    My Volvo dealer is an independent and I cannot complain at all, they are very efficient, keeping me informed and any questions they answer. Even the MD makes sure every one is being seen to. While this will be my first mobility car, they are not treating me any differently to how they have treated me when purchasing my own.

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    Lee Bengough

    Me and My Late Brother Between Us Both Have Used Thomas & Davies Citroën Merthyr Tydfil For 20 Years And They Have Been Brilliant, Always Gone The Extra Mile For  Us Both.

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