Cowboy builders and scammers

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    Has anyone on the forum had people over for house work or put off having people over to work? I remember watching tv programs where they would purposely break something or tell the customer something needs fixed when it’s perfectly fine, just to get more money. Has anyone ever experienced a cowboy builder

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    I hate having to get tradespeople in, the whole rigmarole of getting different quotes. I now just use the local government Buy With Confidence scheme (many local councils  Trading Standards departments administer it) to choose a trader. I was on the scheme myself when I ran my business and know they do genuine checks, not like the schemes which are all about making money.

    I do remember paying a decorator to do the living room, I had to get him back after it had dried as it was streaky, I absolutely picked holes out of it. I’ve done my own decorating since.

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