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      I’ve been stewing on this since spitting half my lunch at the radio this lunchtime.

      Apparently a group of academics in Winchester were given BBC radio time to profess that contact sports, like football, rugby and hockey should be banned as not only are they dangerous but they constitute child abuse. ?


      Personally, I believe this is an opportunity for all who suck at sports to vent their spleen and demand future generations are freed from the humiliation of having to chase after a ball they miss kicked or having to try and run past an athlete who plays rugby twice weekly.

      My findings have been that those wrapped up and protected by their parents have a much more challenging transition from being at home as a child to making it in the adult, working environment where bullying, competition and dealing with semi-aggressive behaviour is all too common.  If you’ve not been knocked down on a rugby pitch and gotten up again to make a tackle or been hit by a hockey ball to then get your block and hit right next time, where do you learn resilience in a controlled environment?   School can be hard enough with all the online social pressure, constant testing and just the difficulty of growing up, imagine having to learn to pick yourself up and try again in the face of class ‘mates’ who are busy laughing at you.

      Are these parents setting up the next generation to suffer further mental anxiety when they start out in the work environment simply because they’ve not learnt to brush off a little difficulty and try again?

      If you look back in 40 year chunks at how mental health has been an issue, against how children were treated, it appears that the tougher the childhood in a fall over and get up again sense (definitely not in an abusive sense) the stronger the adult.  Alternatively, the less the child has had to use mental strength to continue or self entertain the easier it has become to struggle with daily life.


      Is it me? Am I expecting too much from this generation or will their constant protection from others around them result in a weaker ‘intestinal fortitude’?

      I'm Autistic, if I say something you find offensive, please let me know, I can guarantee it was unintentional.
      I'll try to give my honest opinion but am always open to learning.


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        Arr bless the darlings, for they want t be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it with weakness, and have dominion over all that is woke.

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          both my grandkids play footy all time. both are good and decent kids who are tough enough but not in any way tough nuts. you dont succeed unless you learn from experiences, good and bad. like how can you really enjoy winning if youve not experienced getting beat.


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