Changing Car? Advice needed

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    Hello everyone,

    My wife (who I drive for) got her first Motability car this time last year, almost to the day (A New Vauxhall Mokka)

    We love the car. It suits her needs, the cab is spacious and comfortable for her, and when needed we can just about fit her wheelchair folded in the boot.
    It’s everything we needed and wanted, and we paid a £1000 fee for it.

    Now, without going into too much detail: My wife’s own personal needs haven’t changed but our home situation has. In purchasing the car at this time last year we were only considering obviously my wife, then one child and our dog. Recently it’s all changed and we now have two other older children to consider.

    The issue is now that although everyone can technically fit in the car, it’s a bit of a squeeze and we can’t take the dog if we are all going anywhere, so as much as we adore the car, it feels a little impractical for all of us now.

    I am aware than changing cars is possible, but I’m just wondering what the process is, if anyone’s been through it.

    Is this type of scenario worthy (in Motability’s eyes) of a change? Again, my wife’s needs haven’t changed but the wider considerations have.
    Is the process a headache, and maybe we are best off just leaving it and making do for the next two years?

    Any help or input greatly appreciated

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    Motability are normally quite flexible, they can charge up to £250 early termination fee at their discretion. You will also get a refund pro rata of the advanced payment.

    Give them a ring explaining your situation and the chances are they will tell you there and then.

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    The problem you have at the moment is the huge AP for vehicles and the crazy long waiting times that may encourage you to suffer the Mokka a bit longer as many waits are 12 months and large vehicle prices are ridiculous . However if the inflation continues which it will then next year Motability payments will increase substantially and fingers crossed ap will start to come down. We must remember that when benefits get a sub inflation increase like this year so does Motability lowering their negotiations. I reckon you have about 18 months before you start to look and that could be a much better time than now

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    i would stick it out. getting a bigger car will take an awful long time currently and be expensive too on scheme.  unless you intend buying a secondhand car of course then you could just terminate.

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    Thanks for the input so far, greatly appreciated.

    Whilst I can’t say I’m very well informed about the current state of affairs, I am aware we were very lucky to only wait about 5 weeks for the Mokka last year, and that AP prices were increasingly becoming a barrier for Motability customers. (We could only afford ours thanks to family help/loan)

    Given that context perhaps you are right in that in 18 months + might be a better time to be a Motability customer, full stop

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    One thing to add, if you terminate your contract early, you’ll get a “mark” on your “membership”, which makes it increasingly harder to cancel subsequent contracts. Those marks don’t disappear over time either, it seems. This is speculative, but i did talk to someone here who tried to cancel early but had a very different experience than us (we cancelled our current lease early, too) – the only difference being that they terminated a contract many years ago prior.

    If you can help it, i’d suggest not to cancel early. Waiting times, prices and potential drawbacks for future interactions don’t seem worth enduring, if the issue is “works, but a bit cramped”.

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