Car Logos, what are your favorites?

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    We talk a lot about badge snobbery, but I like the look of many actual car logos. My favorite is the Jaguar badge, then the Alfa Romeo but I really dislike the Seat.

    Just for a bit of fun, whats your top and bottom badges/logos.

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    top is BMW logo as there are8 on my car. That’s got to be a record in it’s right.

    second is the Tesla logo

    third has to be the joss logo. Purley because it’s my name

    forth has to be Austin Martin

    fifth is Alfa romeo.

    Worst all the rest

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    Most of the logo’s are actually different when in badge form on the actual cars!

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    shelby and jaguar


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    1) Audi, for the sheer purity.

    2) Mazda for the ‘Free as a bird’ association.

    3) Aston Martin, because I’d really like to have that on the front of my car (one day!).


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    There’s a few of us in that category Georgie.

    Are you ever too old to drive a sports car?

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    1 land rover.

    2 Aston Martin.

    3 bmw.

    4 lotus

    These are mine.

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    As a designer, we always strive for simplicity. And in this case, simple car badges are easier to identify on a moving car.

    For me the best are:

    1. VW

    2. Audi

    3. Mazda


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    The flying wings of Bentley, Aston Martin and to some extent Mini

    @joss i think Mini can give an X2 a run for its money regarding the amount of badges as they are stamped on everything.

    Loved our Countryman and considering a new one next quarter

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    The Lada one does it for me… ?


    Only messing! The simplicity of the 4 rings and what it’s usually attached to is my winner

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    Maybach for me, similar Art Deco styling that I like in architecture.

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    alfa has always been alfa, I actually as a kid had a collection of alfa badges.

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    Discrimination against KIA, Brydo. it might be a crappy badge but it should have been able to enter the competition.

    I reckon the merc badge must be the most iconic badge out there followed by the Audi badge.

    Is the Volvo badge not a bit sexest.

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    Not on the list but I also like Hyundai Premium brand version badge

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