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    i am not due to order until June 23 but i went into  Citroen dealers today and asked him the lead times on the C4 and he said 20 weeks approx. He said if i was prepared to pay my advance payment up front he would order my car today and it will be delivered in August ready for my change over in late September. I agreed to this and ordered the C4 Shine at £295 in black. Fingers crossed everything goes alright.

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    Obviously this topic is not worthy of comments.

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    Well Kaiser you described it so well there’s not much to say really, sounds ideal the car you want and a deal your happy with..

    Hope it do go to plan too..👍

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    Ajn thanks for the reply, i was just wanting to know other people`s thoughts on it thats all.

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    Have you any proof he’s ordered it?

    What happens if the car is taken off the scheme? Does he have to try and sell it to a private buyer?

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    It’s on my current shortlist as one of the few decent sized cars at a reasonable AP.

    Not due to order until next quarter so we’ll see what happens.

    If I seem a little strange, that's because I am.

    Mercedes Benz B180 Premium Plus.

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    Have you any proof he’s ordered it? What happens if the car is taken off the scheme? Does he have to try and sell it to a private buyer?

    I second this.

    As far as I’m aware, one can not place an actual order for a new car unless their end of lease date is met. Motability also need to confirm the order on their end.

    Motability cars:

    2015 RR Evoque AWD 2.0 TD4 SE Tech - written off
    2017 Toyota CH-R 1.2T Dynamic CVT AWD - written off
    2019 BMW X2 2.0L Sport

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    Kaiser you’re welcome to my reply, however I’m a total newbie too the scheme, with no real input of knowledge to add 😂…

    however I will always give a leg up to a persons question or concern to try encourage a response from someone in the know…

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    Before I first joined the scheme some years back I can remember I had a call from the DWP saying my daughter daughter head being awarded high rate. Whilst waiting for the paperwork to come  from the DWP and Motability, my local Ford dealer was willing to order a car as long as I didn’t want any unpopular factory options whilst we were waiting for all the paperwork.

    So it looks a Citroen is going to order one for @Kaiser as branch stock and the paperwork can be done in June (during the same quarter so won’t affect AP) My only concern is during the current circumstances is if the car s removed from the scheme between now and 23rd June. In which case the dealer should refund the AP, though in hindsight its a good idea if the dealer is willing.

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    Lee Bengough

    I have a 1.2 155 EAT8 Shine Plus. Have had it a year in May I love it

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    Sounds like a good plan.

    My only concern in these times of restricted supply, would be how long the salesman you dealt with has been with the dealership and are they the nominated motabilty specialist?

    If not and depending on how the order has been processed by the salesmen dealer ( standard dealer stock / customer order  etc) you may have an issue come August if the salesman has left and the car has not been properly allocated to yourself.


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    Volkswin, it was the manager who took my order and then reminded the salesman to place my motability order on June 23rd, at least i know that as long as it stays on the scheme it will arrive in August ready for a September hand over.

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    so many things could happen with this.  1 ) motability have not authorised your purchase yet so if you have paid a deposit already will they give it you back if the car or model you have ordered is taken off the scheme for any reason?  they are quoting you 20 weeks, do you know how true these words are?  iw as quoted 20 weeks back in Aug-21 and i still dont have a build week for my VW ID3.    as improbable as it maybe what if the AP goes down?


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    Is this not a good way of reducing a delivery lead time. There is risk but surely benefits aswell?

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    Correct Ian, that is why i talked it through with the manager at the dealers and as their is very limited choice at my advance payment limit i am sure this is the way forward and motability will not be invoved until 23rd of June.

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    I’m wondering whether to do same with the Vauxhall Vivaro Life Elite. The risk is that a car is ordered and then for whatever reason isn’t able to be progressed at official renewal time

    This could be because of change in circumstances, vehicle not on scheme etc.

    Another consideration is the Vauxhalls battery is quite small and rumour is it’s going to be increased soon. There is a risk early ordering would only get little battery

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    @Lee Bengough, or any other C4 owners, does the lack of a rear wiper hinder rear visibility when it rains?

    I’m considering an e-C4 but I imagine the lack of a rear wiper will annoy me no end!

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    Lee Bengough

    @Richums can’t say I’ve noticed to be honest in the year I’ve had it. It has a 180 degree reversing camera with Top vision as well so maybe I would have noticed more if I hadn’t got that.

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    Thanks Lee. Hopefully it will be raining when I test drive it!

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    Had to have my deposit back due to the C4 Shine being removed from the scheme, gone for the new Astra sport tourer GS line now.

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    hi there all, i also took a look at these yesterday as i am thinking of a Renault Akarna ok but looking a little bland just my opinion of course,the thing is, having had 23 motability vehicles going back to Fiat Bravo!!!, i really don’t think Motability will honour the ordering of a vehicle nearly a year in advance, there are just too many anomalies, retail price for one who knows what Citroen will be asking in 2023 or will there be an update or facelift on the market, Motability would have to agree to your order regardless what the dealership tells you, until you have it in writing from Motability i would treat you order as just an enquiry and under no circumstances pay any advance payment until you have had this confirmed

    but if, as it’s always possible, Motability do agree to allow you to do this WELL !!! I think we should all look at this as a way of guaranteeing that our new vehicle is available on the correct hand over date with no hold ups, but i some how doubt it. any way keep us up to speed on this topic


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    I ordered my c4 shine plus around 6 weeks ago and was told the estimated time for delivery would be between 3 and 6 months. Can anyone tell me roughly how long the actual wait time is as the dealership is not much help at all.

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    I ordered ec4 shine plus with camera and massage seats.09/03. Picked up 21/06 pretty quick new factory order but don’t know if different for ice vehicle

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    Lee Bengough

    Glad I had my C4 last year. It’s over £2,000 today.

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