BMW iX4 Tech Pack available to order again, will they add Tech Pack to iX1?

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      The i4 with Tcch Pack and metalic retails for £53, 445 and is available for £5495 advance payment yet the iX1 Sport is £46,880 with metalic and has an advance payment of £4995 or £51,500 for M Sport with an advance payment of £5495

      So over £6500 difference in rrp difference on the Sport or £1995 on the MSport,but no Tech pack, how can they justify especially on the Sport?

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        The iX1 doesn’t even come with power folding mirrors as standard on a car at £45k plus.

        I couldn’t believe it.

        You need to add the Tech Pack just to have folding mirrors, a luxury I know,  it need them for access in to garage.

        Glos Guy

          I should imagine that the simple reason is that BMW will sell considerably more iX1’s than i4’s in the marketplace, so they don’t need to be as generous. The growth in demand for compact SUVs has been phenomenal, whereas the market for coupe style saloons is far more niche.

          I should also imagine that BMW figured that the iX1 would be a far more practical solution for many with mobility challenges than the i4, so they could get away with charging comparatively more. Motability customers will be far more interested in practicality than what the retail selling price is, whereas private customers will be extremely focussed on price where, again, the iX1 wins and is therefore likely to be far easier to sell.

          However, the arrival of the iX1 on the scheme has met with virtually no interest amongst forum members, so hopefully demand will be low and BMW will therefore consider adding a pack or (more likely) lower the AP – or both!

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