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    So I’ve ordered a Q3 and I’ve been told it’s now the 2022 model that I will receive but it has changes to the model e.g in a pack you now get a Sonos sound system but still no advanced key option

    I feel Audi are really trying to cut costs on their vehicles big time at the moment

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    When did you order your Q3 John? I ordered one about 3 weeks ago with a build slot of week 28 I think, however I was not told anything about the model year I would be receiving. I added the sound and comfort pack which includes the bang oulsen system. Have you been given a build slot or estimated collection month?


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    Hi Lou I ordered last week and I’ve not been given a build yet but they said October/November time

    on the Audi website it shows the Sonos speaker now too but the blind spot warning has also gone from the black edition

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    That’s surprising, I’m looking at an August to Sep collection to my knowledge but it may be brought forward as Iv recently removed some optional extras. I wonder what speakers mine will be equipped with, I hope mine hasn’t lost the blind spot. I didn’t order the black edition, will most of the models be 2022?

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    I ordered the black edition 7th December and told it would be ready end of May, now to the end of July.

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    Ordered mine early jan, build date keeps getting pushed back, currently July 15th, if I see big changes on the next quarter I’m cancelling

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    That’s worrying Andy24 I hope you get yours soon!

    The SUVGuy this is my second order (am brand new to notability) as my first was a total shambles, so far it’s gone smoothly but if anything goes wrong i think il just go private. I think there’s loads I forgot issues with the chip thing at the mo, Itl be ashame if there’s long delays as Iv had a q3 privately and it’s been perfect.

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    Lou yeah it’s just the chip issue usually cars are ready much faster but nothing we can do other than constantly call other dealerships / check their websites for in stock cars ready to be sold, only problem with that is sometimes it won’t be in the colour / have the options you want

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    for blind spot warning (Audi side assist ) , you need to add the Driver Assistance Pack which is £800. Ive just take delivery of my Q3 Black Edition and dont have it.

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    Richard I was only informed of a sound & comfort pack, the rest of the extras would be individual (just for an s line) does that sound right?

    TheSUVGuy I could of had a stock vehicle back in April I think and in the colour I was after but it had none of the extras which Iv currently added so I agreed to wait. I was told 15-20 weeks which I didn’t mind but anything past September and il cancel, Iv placed my very very first order (which I cancelled) back in Oct last year so it’s been a long wait already for me 😕

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    Ordered my Q3 about a month ago.

    Only things I’ve seen change for model 22 are the Sonos speaker system and possibly the new MIB infotainment?

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    Haroon how do you see changes?

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    Bren Mac

    I ordered the Q3 black edition on 24th April and had an email from the dealer about a week later informing me that my car build date was week 30.About a month later I had another email saying the build date has come forward 6 weeks from week 30 to week 24 (starts the 14th of June).Just had an updated email over the weekend and it said week 24 build date was still on.Hopefully the build date is going to happen,but reading other people’s comments I’m not very confident about it.

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    Hi Bren Mac, I ordered mine a little earlier than yourself but the dealer made a mistake so re done the order on 14th May. I also had an email stating the build slot of week 24 I think (13h July?) and he confirmed this again over the phone last week. I will double check tomorrow when he contacts me with further updates but so far it seems ok, he said the build slot may alter as Iv removed some optional extras but I’m unsure if itl bring it forward or push it back 😕 I ordered the 35TDI manual S line.

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    Glos Guy

    Lou – I think that week 24 is next week.

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    Woops I got a bit muddled, mine is build week 28 at present. Thanks for pointing that out Glos Guys, numbers have never been a strong point for me 😂

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    Glos Guy

    Woops I got a bit muddled, mine is build week 28 at present. Thanks for pointing that out Glos Guys, numbers have never been a strong point for me 😂

    No worries Lou. My BMW X1 is due to be built week 27, so I’m rather focused on week numbers at present 😂 I’m expecting further delays though. The semiconductor issue seems to be causing prolonged delays with almost all manufacturers now, although not that many are being upfront about it.

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    I am going to buy conductor on eBay for £6.99 and send to bmw for my order I cannot accept delays die to my health I need car my car no good now

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    Still on order, not had anything from the dealer yet.

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    @tahseen – keep us updated on how you get on with your eBay conductor!!!

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    For only £6.99, I think I want one too.

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    Can you get the q3 with pan roof ?

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    You can, it’s around a grand if I remember correctly

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    Hello prospect q3 leasers, just thought I would give you my update.

    My dealer contacted me today and informed me the build date has come forward by 3 weeks to week 25 and I should expect delivery by the end of July latest. I ordered the regular S line 35 TDI with some optional extras (not the pan roof) hope this is helpful for anyone 👍

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    Once again my car has been pushed back another week to July 19th, come July first if I see some good changes / additions, I will cancel it 100%

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    Glos Guy

    Once again my car has been pushed back another week to July 19th, come July first if I see some good changes / additions, I will cancel it 100%

    Similar situation here TheSUVGuy, albeit with my BMW X1 order placed at the end of March. Dealer said from the outset that it could be up to 5 months (end Aug) but then managed to nab a cancelled order slot which bought that forward by a month. A few weeks ago it slipped to end Sep, but the dealer managed to get BMW UK to reinstate it back to end July (I have screenshots of my order on the BMW system, so know I’m not being blagged). Problem is one of my options has been cancelled (Harman/Kardon Surround Sound System) and I’m not confident that more options won’t be cancelled as they are ‘chip heavy’ (such as Head-up Display and Adaptive Headlights) or that the delivery date won’t slip again.

    I very much doubt that anything better will appear in the July list but, if it does, I will consider cancelling as I haven’t paid any deposit, even for the options.

    Two issues would stop me from cancelling though. Firstly, if the car has been built (due to be built one month before delivery, so end June) then I wouldn’t cancel. Also, having spoken to a few other manufacturers, this chip situation is affecting almost all manufacturers (other than Hyundai, I believe), although some are being more honest about it than others. As the Sales Manager at our local Ford dealership said to me the other day, it would be a case of ‘jumping out of the frying pan into the fire’. He reckons that customers ordering new Fords today could face 6 months or longer waits due to the chip shortage!

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