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    I didn’t realise there were so many members of the armed forces on the forum and so it would be great to find out more about you.

    Army, Navy or Air force please tell us about you life experiences in the forces and anything else you feel you want to discuss.

    I would like to say how grateful I am for putting yourself in harms way to protect our way of life.

    Thank you!

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    ok i will start.

    army, started off in royal engineers army apprentice college chepstow under the severn bridge.

    transfered to royal army pay corps, command pay office hounslow, also whilst there helped out with the firemans strike green goddesses and all that 1977ish. followed by worthy down,lippstadt,detmold,lisburn,chester,hildesheim and odd bits in the falklands various n ireland tours in londonderry,belfast,hollywood,ballykelly,omagh,armagh,aldergrove. out of 17 years 8 were on various tours in ireland.

    units,4 armoured workshop reme,22 signal regiment, 1 regt aac. 1 rhamps.3 r anglian,hqni,rpo chester,1 kings.cpo uklf.

    shot at 4 times blown up twice. still here lol.

    if it gets popular brydo you may need a translator to differentiate between tabs,yomps,remfs,craphats,brews,bashers,crabs,pongo’s,bft,cft etc etc it really is a different language at times.

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    Mitch your a very worthy No1 thanks for sharing some of your service history.

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    Participant -hoodie @rene heres one for you lol

    Haha, i might actually order one of them – very true.

    Well, i didn’t serve in the UK armed forces, but i did serve in the german one, Bundeswehr – i’ll leave german names etc in and translate after, some people find german compound-words funny. Stationed in the “Generalfeldmarschall Rommel Kaserne” (name of the barracks) in Augustdorf, served in the 4./212 Panzergrenadierbatallion, or 4./212, uhm.. Probably armoured infantry battalion, or mechanized infantry battalion, not quite sure about the english translation.

    Position was Bordschuetze Maschinenkanone 20mm (gunner 20mm autocannon) in the SPz Marder 1A5 (jovially known as “Das Eisenschwein” or “the Iron Pig”). The equivalent to that tank would probably be the british Warrior IFV.

    Did get deployed in Afghanistan as part of german QRF Forces (quick reaction forces) in Masar e Scharif, as well as two tours to the german river “Oder” as part of flood, uhm.. “containment helpers”. Basically, shovelling sand/filling sand bags, trying to keep the river in its bed.

    Our main training area is called “Sennelager” (Mitch has been there, hence him pointing out the hoodie to me), which is the best place on earth – on opposite day. British armed forces train together with german armed forces there. Served a total of 8 years, (2001 to 2009), have been shot at, and the tank i went to Afghanistan with got destroyed by a 200kg IED two years after i left.

    Lots of good (and sadly, bad) memories were made in my time in the Bundeswehr.

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    Royal Air Force 70’s and 80’s UKMAMS including Falkland conflict currently volunteer for SSAFA as a case worker

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    for the veterans out there i have just come accross this:

    ACSM accumulated campaign service medal

    its for those that have done multiple tours in theatres including those that attract a GSM.

    many like me have said for a long time that those of us that did multiple tours in n ireland we ought in a way have been given a bar for each tour. this isnt quite that but theres a bar for each 24 months served in a theatre that issues a GSM. so in my case n ireland alone is  55 months less the month qualifying for the gsm still means 3 bars.

    plus any other deployments. follow the link to the link to the application form. i will let you know what i end up with.


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    further to my post about acsm, things are never straight forward there are 2 acsm’s 94 and 2011.

    and of course i quaify for the one that needs 360 more days to qualify for.

    acsm 94 you need 1080 days in theatre to qualify and 1080 more for each bar.

    acsm 2011 you need 720 to qualify and 720 for each bar.

    because of this i am just short of a bar. heyho.

    the medal itself though is quite nice as medals go lol.

    just a bit galling that my time in n ireland etc is considered less important than those qualifying for the 2011 medal. yes i know telic herrick etc were more of a shooting gig but NI in the early 80’s wasnt a walk in the park and try telling the 5 guys lost at victor 4 their service isnt as good as those in afghan etc.

    apply the 720 day to both and i almost qualify for 2 bars, as it is at 1080 days i get the medal and am short of a bar by 36 odd days.

    i suppose at least they have begun to recognise those doing multiple tours.

    whinge over.

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    Not sure what this is about but thought I’d post it just in case it is useful.

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    It’s a good card had mine years but always forget to use it but around November needed a washing machine got that and a cooker direct from Hotpoint with 32% discount so it does work there are 000 of retailers though some it’s genuine some it’s not but if you are entitled get one.

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    i used it to get an ee internet dongle and they give you staff rates 20% off i think it was.

    its worth getting so long as you remember to see if a supplier accepts it..

    like windy my brain lets me down now and then.

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