Aren’t we fortunate

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    Even with the fear of Covid, economic meltdown, Brexit shenanigans, and Boris we can still get a car through Motability. The disabled of many of our parent’s generation lived through one or two world wars either trapped in city flats or isolated in the country, with the constant threat of bombing.  This not so distant past makes ambient lighting, tinted windows, brand reassurance seems so immaterial doesn’t it.

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    Indeed, I do think we spoilt these days, compared to days gone by, things come way to easy and we take for granted what’s really important and how lucky we are as a generation, time can never be got back, it so important.  The waste we create is crazy and the throw away use it once culture that’s been devolped is disgusting imo.. Plus the nuclear rods will be around for 10,000 years after the 10 year cooling.. So we fortunate the plans for more have been cancelled.

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    Sorry Smallcar but I resent any use of the word fortunate in relation to our disability and Motobility.
    Yes, previous generations of disabled didn’t get a car but likewise previous generations who lost work because of National Emergency didn’t get furlough pay.
    Every grouping of people are better off than their previous generations and we are no different.
    Like other groups get allowances to offset costs ie child allowance, we get PIP and should never have to feel fortunate or grateful.

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    @Mossfinn i don’t think for one second that’s what smallcar meant. we are fortunate to get a car through Motability though and i do feel grateful for the scheme as a user of it…

    My life would be alot worse without the scheme…


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    Hate to be that person, however, Me and my PPMS don’t feel fortunate!  Cant walk properly, can’t control bladder, choke when I eat, permanent pain and pins and needles just to name a few issues!

    So please people don’t tell me I’m fortunate as I don’t feel £&&&@&&& lucky!

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    Sorry Rox, but that’s how it read.
    Everyone gets allowances according to their situation. Workers get tax free allowance, self employed claim allowances for expenses, we get an allowance for our disability.
    I’ve just been admitted to hospital for 3rd time this year, can’t get about now apart from in a wheelchair and haven’t been well enough to drive my car since March. I hear or read enough about the disabled lucky to get free cars and parking spaces and badges and I certainly don’t want to come on a site that is a support for the disabled and let a comment about how fortunate we are IN Any Way to go unchallenged.

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    Nowhere did I say that anyone is fortunate to be disabled – just fortunate that circumstances have changed and progress made since the days of many of our disabled forefathers living through very troubled times. They would would be amazed what aids and vehicles are available and affordable to most of us  today  allowing many of us to rightly live a more independent life.

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    So smallcar, you don’t think that using the heading “aren’t we fortunate” in a predominantly disabled forum is a tad insensitive?

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    Menorca Mike

    Yes needed a different headline

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Ah come on Mossfinn & HereJohnny. smallcar meant well & I get what he’s trying to say. No need to take offence. Cut the guy some slack. We’re all in the same boat after all!

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    I’ve never ever read so much rubbish.

    Is it fortunate to not be able to turn your heating on for fear of cost? Is it fortunate to be told to move because you have an unused bedroom? Is it fortunate to have to live hand to mouth week by week? Is it fortunate to have to use food banks to eat? Is it fortunate to have your tv license taken away? Is it fortunate to come under serious scrutiny in order to claim a benefit you’re entitled too?

    It beggars belief it really does.

    If we lived in one of the Nordic countries,Belgium,Germany, japan, Canada we wouldn’t be made to feel like 2nd class citizens. They have governments that care about their disabled people and their pensioners and make sure that they have what is needed to lead full lives.

    And you think we are lucky getting £62 a week that some people even have to give back so they can have some freedom because they have no other choice than feed the monster that already sits on billions of pounds! Wake up!

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    I might have accepted that had he not come back with the shovel and dug some more.

    Fortunate, grateful, lucky are words used by people with no understanding of the difficulties we disabled face. Before my disability I earned a 6 figure sum and drove a 60k car. Now I live on investments ineligible for any benefit and have a motobility car. Please point out where I’m fortunate. As I stated at the start, we shouldn’t have to accept being described as fortunate on here in any respect. I accept sometimes someone uses a word incorrectly or without thinking but if you do, accept your error and apologise, don’t come back and try and justify.

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    Debate is a wonderful thing, so I’ll add my two penneth in.

    I don’t think you meant any harm by this comment Smallcar, but your choice of words and your lack of using question marks made it a poorly judged statement. And that will always be divisive. ‘Aren’t we fortunate?’ is very different as it asks rather than tells. It’s a small thing but it’s massively important in the written word as without emphasis or inflection it becomes totally open to interpretation.

    And to offer my thoughts on your statement, no I don’t feel fortunate. Mostly because 30yrs of tax and NI allows me guilt free access to social funding when I need it, which is now. Also remember that Motability might be a charity but it’s not particularly benevolent. It’s a profit making business that should exist purely to facilitate those of us less fortunate than the masses.

    And I like thinking about ambient lighting etc. Why wouldn’t I?

    Still, variety is the spice of life, so don’t stop offering your opinion. Just expect it to be questioned when it’s divisive. As long as we remain polite and tolerant of others long may the differences be aired.




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    We no longer live in a society where it’s acceptable to offend, wether on purpose or by ignorance. We (ideally) live in an inclusive society and each and everyone of us has a responsibility to each other.

    Smallcar has a view he wants to put forward, that’s acceptable and he’s entitled to do that, but with that entitlement comes a responsibility to put his view across in such a way as not to offend anyone based on race, sex, religion, disability etc. And some of felt the need to point out that his post came across to more than one person as offensive. An acknowledgment from him that that the post could have been worded better or that he saw our point of view would have been sufficient.

    As a person of disability I suffer enough  discrimination in my everyday life, this forum is one place I don’t expect it!

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Jesus folks wind your necks in. He/she is comparing people including disabled people who were discriminated against a lot worse than we are, but they were getting thousands of big bombs dropped on them.</p>

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    A poor choice of words in my opinion and fortunate most of us are not.

    However, if we take disability out of the equation and look back at Victorian times.  The vast majority of people lived hand to mouth,  worked 7 days a week 16 hour days apart from Sunday when they would be allowed a few hours to attend church.   The majority of working class city dwellers lived in slums!  2% of people owned 98% of the countries wealth, and if you were unfortunate enough to not have the ability to work or you would be banished to the work houses, worked like slaves and eat grul for food.   So, in this respect life is better now than in our forefathers times!  This was probability his point.


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    Matt B

    I feel extremely fortunate that my little girl was born in this decade when support and compassion for her are light years ahead of previous generations. I do feel lucky that she is not degraded, ignored, ridiculed or viewed as a waste of life. All this and much, much worse would have been the life endured 30-50 years ago. Granted we as a society still have a long way to go but I’m grateful for how far on that journey we have come. We as a family are extremely grateful to have access to such a wonderful scheme and we would be lost without motability. The scheme is just one of a host of fantastic services we have accessed locally in recent years from providing one to one education in a Special Educational Needs school tailoring to her very specific needs. To adaptations to ‘future-proof’ our home for the rest of her life. It saddens me to see people from the same vulnerable section of society jumping on their soap box, wanting to rant and have their two-penneth. Please save your unbelievable passion against disability injustice for the times it is really needed. Pick your battles, as there are plenty. Although worded thoughtlessly and I do not know Smallcar from Joe blogs in the street, I know he never meant I should be grateful my daughter has difficulties but that she is with us today and not 50+ years ago. Taking his post in this context, I agree without question. I absolutely know he did not mean any malice in his post and I hope when others have taken a moment, they will see that too. We are all on the same side here and life is tough enough without in-house falling out. Take care ❤️

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    I don’t think anyone with a disability is fortunate but I do believe that many people who get this benefit are ungrateful, without the support from the government nobody would get the money or a motability car.

    We should all think that life could be worse and be fortunate for what we have whether that’s a little or a lot!

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    Matt B – I concur fully with your superbly worded post above sir!



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    As some were very quick to give of about small cars post, think about this. How many of you know him personally, do you k ow if he/she has a disability, maybe he/she does and maybe it’s a neurological disability, like mine, were sometimes I struggle to put my thoughtS across as I mean them which is well meant. Sometimes the words whether spoken or typed come across as rude, contentious or hateful when it’s the complete opposite of who we are our what we are trying to get across.

    Is their not a member on here with the tag along the lines of “ive had a brain injury, please don’t take me the wrong way”.

    well that’s me and I’m fed up explaining myself to people which includes able bodied and disabled people.

    But anyway Matt B has nailed it.

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    I only popped on to see if there were any news with it being new quater day as i try not to come on too much  due to the negativity and try not to look at the posts as this one shows too many on here are too quick to be judge jury and exocutioner.

    I agree with your sentiment Smallcar but do feel it could have been titled better and think Matt B nailed it.

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    I agree SJM01 getting to the point now where people don’t want to comment on this forum due to the keyboard warriors.

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    Think the opening post wasn’t meant to cause offense.

    just airing a few facts that we should be thankful we can put our pitiful allowance towards a nice car to make our lives easier.

    Ive had 1 motability car and it was taken off me after 2 year review .At the time it was the only new car I had ever had.

    The year it took to win my award back and the toll it took on me made me realise how fortunate I was to be able to use this scheme.

    I am now waiting for my 2nd Motability vehicle and excited doesn’t come close to how I feel .I’ve watched every video of my car endless times and have resorted to watching foreign videos,but anything that takes my mind off the issues I have is a good thing and without Motability that wouldn’t be possible.

    ps.Smallcar  I can’t wait to play with the 64 colour ambient lighting on my new car😂😂


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    kbw yep, ready to jump on anyone who they deem said something they don’t agree with. If they had said something that discriminates i’d be the 1st to call it out.

    I was mowed down crossing a road on a green man two steps from the other side when i was 9 years old( 40 years ago) and infact I should be dead, So i am fortunate to still be here breathing unlike my 16 year old son who died just over 3 years ago who was fit and healthy and was not in any accident. he was unfortunate why because he is not here alive to post on this forum about what exactly? how your or my disability is unfortunate or not..

    I get it i do but on the flip side as i said before every second of life we here on this planet we should be fornunate for. You may not think so with whatever condition/s one has but that is the truth..

    Some may not like it but some have read something and assummed something else and they no better than those they calling and sayIng they’ve been offended. Things are alot better since i was a kid and the technological advances i have seen in my lifetime are amazing. Look alot of us like myself may also have brain damage, but no do’s anyone think before they comment negitive stuff. That quite frankly i find  more offensive than the original comment smallcar made..


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    And weren’t those disabled folks who lives through the two world wars fortunate they didn’t have as hard a life as those who where sent to workhouses or mental institutions or killed at birth, 100 years before in Victorian Britain, makes being isolated in flats and the threat of constant bombing seem so immaterial.

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    Matt B

    So very sorry to read of your tragic loss Rox. Nothing more painful than a parent saying goodbye to their child. ❤️💔❤️

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