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    I ordered a Peugeot 5008 on 18th November 2020, over email as the showrooms were closed.  This was using last quarters prices of £1,999 for the allure diesel manual version.  However today I’ve received a letter from motability which states the Ap is £2599!!! Where do I stand as the car was ordered on last quarters prices, in the emails from Peugeot they state the ap I’m expecting of £1,999.  I’m due to collect this car Wednesday.

    I do think they forgot to order my car as I was initially told the car would be ready January, when I emailed them in January after not hearing from them I was told it was now due march/April & that it would be on the new plate.

    Has anyone experienced this before?

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    Yes I’ve experienced this. We ordered our car in June but the dealership didn’t order it until July and came up with all excuses as to why it didn’t happen. Motability wouldn’t budge and the AP had jumped up from quarter 2 to 3. I stuck to my guns and eventually the dealer agreed to pay the difference. You need to find out why they didn’t order the vehicle on time and stick to your guns as Motability won’t back down.

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    If Peugeot refuse the lower ap what would my next step be? Do I have to accept & somehow try to find another £600 at short notice?

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    Do you have the original email showing the AP?

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    If you go to Motability website,at the top click on my account,create account , very easy to do,you can then see the the current car you have , the date it ends,and click on new car applications at the left hand side will show you the current application for a new car,model and dealer and also if accepted, if not there dealer has not ordered, you must be the person registered to do this,that way the dealer cannot deny not ordering

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    It also shows the date the application was made,best to check the next day you ordered the car to see if has been done,that way we can all get back on to the dealer if not showing

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    Kkr….Read this thread follow the advice given in it.

    Urgent advice needed

    You also have the added advantage of the emails which you say include the correct AP at the time you placed your order with the dealer.

    Good luck


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    Thankyou everyone for your advice, I contacted the dealer yesterday so will await their reply.

    Unfortunately as I’m the appointee I am unable to check via the motability website/my account, when the car was ordered that way.

    After digging out any Motability paperwork I had, I found a letter dated 19/11/2020 (car ordered via email 18/11/2020) & think I have found where the dealer went wrong.  Its a car lease application letter, going over details of the ordered car, I somehow missed that he ordered a 3008 not the 5008!! In my defense I was heavily pregnant, was barely getting any sleep & gave birth the following week! I can’t believe I missed it.  I’m guessing when I chased the car up in January he spotted his mistake & started a new order, by then we were into Q1 pricing.

    I will await his reply & let you know what is said.

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    Stick at it,still dealer mistake and they should make it right,hope you and your baby are both well,that is more important

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    Thank you Kevin, we are both well, he’s a gorgeous happy baby boy & has completed our family.

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    Thank you everyone for your help.

    I rang the dealer this morning, at 1st I was asked if I needed more time to save up the extra AP!!! I said no I don’t need more time because I’m not paying any extra, I’m paying what was agreed at the time of ordering, as is stated in our emails.  He said he would look into it & get back to me asap, within the hour I had a call back saying they would honour the original AP.

    So happy!! I’m excited to collect the car Wednesday.

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    Great news @Kkr.

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    Yayy enjoy😃

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    Enjoy,take care,

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    @kkr glad it all got sorted for you. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the 5008 when you get it. Its on my shortlist to test drive when we can.

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