Anyone still towing?

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    Just getting a towbar sorted for the new car, I used to have the RAC addon cover for caravans but last I heard they had stopped doing that.
    Is RAC Arrival the only choice now? It’s a lot more expensive than Green Flag through the caravan club, but I’m not sure having two seperate covers is the best idea.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Oscarmax wrote this for a previous post:

    We having been towing with a Motability for a few years:

    (a) we had to inform Motability and asked permission to tow a caravan or trailer with their vehicle.

    (b) we ask permission to fit a towbar to their vehicle, this has to be done at the main dealership or fitted professionally, you may be looking at £600 +

    (c) RAC Motability does not cover your caravan recovery, you need to inform Motability and have this arranged we paid £50, Motability will not allow other breakdown companies to recover their vehicles, although there is nothing stopping you having Mayday or Greenflag recover your caravan only.

    (d) There is no law requiring you to insure your caravan, however, we insure our caravan new for old with Saga Insurance, if we were to have an accident and the caravan damaged Motability’s or anyone else’s property at least we are covered.

    (e) We always have our caravan serviced with an approved AWS engineer, the RAC recovery will not recover a unroadworthy caravan unless it has been damaged in an accident.

    (f) this is just (as a Mechanical Engineer) modern car now have a 2 year service schedule, in the small print you will find if you are towing you will require a yearly lubrication service (oil change)

    (g) some of the manufacture fit space savers, you need to check to whether you can tow with them, so are only now fitting a tyre sealing kit ?

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    RAC Motability Arrival package UK £65/Europe £90 0333 0702632.

    Please be aware several manufactures Skoda/VW Ford plus several other you need to specify the towing package at the time of ordering your vehicle, these cannot be retro fitted these vehicles will not be type approved for towing. The best way is is to check the vehicles VIN plate there has been many cases reported of towbar fitter not checking and illegally fitting towbars, your insurance will be invalidated and you may be prosecuted.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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