Another EV point (mini) saga

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    Mines only a small one 😳 (so far….)

    Anyway missed call from UKPN today, called back they wanted to arrange to replace my 60A fuse with a shiny (presumably?) 100A one.

    Need meter tails checking & upgrading if not 25mm sq. We’ll put you thru to your supplier (Octopus)

    Octopus “we don’t know what size tails you have we didn’t fit your smart meter, if we had we would’ve done the tails too. You need to call EDF they fitted it, they’ll know.”

    Call EDF no sir you left in 2019 (not surprising at their prices) you’re not a customer we can’t help you, even tho they arranged, paid for & fitted the meter they have no intention of telling me what they or their contractor did or didn’t do.

    Go back to Octopus, HELP I am losing the will to live & now have a terrible migraine & feel sick from these phone calls.

    Email them including a photo (see below) of how the EDF guys left the install. In short none of the 5 tails (including the CPC) have any support, in fact some of them are just tied together with insulating tape & only held up by the start & end points, no premature collapse mitigation AND all that is directly over my bedroom door so, much dangerous in the event of a fire.

    Anyway I think I’ve gotten thru & Octopus will replace the meter side tails & fit them properly with UKPN replacing the supply side tails with both covering the cost. I’d hope that Octopus would go after EDF for causing the shambles but that’s up to them.

    Just got to wait & see if that’s going to happen & when. Can’t even book UKPN a date until the meter tails are replaced.

    This is what it currently looks like

    Smart meter install by edf

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    Richard you do know your ceiling tiles are a fire hazard which omit cyanide gas ?

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    In the event of a fire yes, there’s no fire regs that stipulate landlords have to remove them. They’re quite rightly not allowed to fit them anymore but no laws to force their removal & it’d cost a fortune for me to get it done as it’d need a scaffold tower over the stairs not to mention the ceiling needing completely redoing as these are the original 1930s ceilings above them (no asbestos)

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    I went thru all this after we moved in. Went thru all the laws, rules etc & there’s no way to “force” the issue. I spent a year trying to get the housing association to do it & just isn’t going to happen.

    They’ve only just replaced the double glazing with windows that can act as a fire escape before that none of the upstairs windows opened wide enough for an adult to escape thru. Took a year to replace a wobbly chimney topper that made a drumming noise during the the lightest breeze & nearly a year to redo the pointing that was so bad it rained in the kitchen during wet weather if the wind blew from the North.

    Slowly getting the house to modern standards its not solely the landlords fault the previous tenants were huge potheads so would never report anything & never let anyone in to do upgrades or repairs so in the past 2 years we’ve had new windows, new roof, new pointing all round, strip & refill loft insulation, woodworm treatment & the drains are due to be replaced at some point oh & they fitted a soakaway which took about £70 a year off my water bill.

    Living room ceiling is better, tongue & groove varnished. It’s like being on a yacht lol

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    Still ongoing Octopus said that UKPN will replace the tails. Ukpn say nope suppliers job. The ukpn throw more mud by saying an electrician can replace the tails. When I say so it’s OK for an electrician to cut the security seal off a smart meter ukpn immediately back tracked saying we don’t deal with that side.

    Talk about confusing the Hell outta people.

    Latest Octopus said was only way to replace tails is to replace the entire meter (seems extreme) I’m reluctant to go that route unless only way as every meter change I’ve ever had has gone horribly wrong, with one resulting in a bill for £10,000 arriving on a Christmas Eve which took 3 months to resolve.

    I just wanna sit pull the duvet over my head & cry right now just shouldn’t be this hard to do anything & this is just to replace a fuse….

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    Still no appointments available to do the wiring. Blows my mind how hard these companies have made this. Octopus has really dropped in my opinion over pointing me back at ukpn to do work that Octopus is responsible for. Very disappointed even after I sent a tweet from UKPN they dug their heels in that UKPN must do the work.

    I’m going to draft a polite letter to the ceo, not complaining just showing everything that’s gone on & saying they need to fix it so this doesn’t happen, if this happens to someone less savvy in this stuff they may well have just given up which helps no one.

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    Good luck with BP Pulse I was not impressed, I used PodPoint, just took some photographs on my phone and forward them, absolutely seamless they carried  out everything.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Stick with it Richard, all worth it in the end. I almost gave up with BP but now its all in its brilliant and so convenient to be able to top up when you want.

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    Thanks I will.

    I’m still waiting for an appointment regarding the tails. Yesterday I emailed Octopus CEO I said not to complain or get staff into trouble but so they learn from what I’ve been thru and train the staff better.

    Its been picked up by his office now and they have promised to get back to me Monday and have acknowledged their mistakes and apologised.

    In the meantime I used the granny charger last night during the 5p Go period and that worked nicely to top up. Just waiting to hear from motability to see if they’ll help out with a few months subs or something I know you get 3 months free subs but if they can help out. Also not much in the way of pulse stuff up here so not much use

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    Latest is BP have decided to put the boot in too. So as well as Octopus & UKPN arguing about this & pointing fingers at each other I now have BP too. Nice typos in there too if I’m being picky. I’ve asked Motability for help & said if this can’t be resolved then I’m going to have no choice but to look at returning the car if I can’t charge the damn thing.

    Now got a splitting headache & feel really sick again, fed up


    I am sorry to inform you that our Senior Engineer has failed your application after assessing the pictures and information provided.

    In order for us to install the charger safely, we have been advised under these circumstances to request a complimentary site survey which I have now requested.

    You will hear from our bookings team with a date for a site survey within 7 days.

    In the mean time I will contact your NDO for an update.

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    So now I’ve had a call from a company coming out Thursday to fit a charge point despite fuse & tails mot being done after BP sent me a rejection email.

    I don’t know whether I’m coming/going or already been I’m so confused.

    Octopus have promised me a date for doing the tails today but no contact yet.

    Motability not interested & ignoring me despite asking for help. Seriously unimpressed with them not even bothering to get back to me.

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    Don’t give them your money if you’re so unhappy with the service – Cancel your order.

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    Cancel what order?

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    Are you not getting an EV and a charge point installed? that’s what I sounded like from reading the post.

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    No I’ve GOT an EV the charger isn’t installed yet.

    Cancelling isn’t really a helpful outcome though is it? It let’s everyone off the hook & me out of pocket. Would you cancel hand back a car & be stuck without the eV option forever because that’s what you’re essentially suggesting

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    Don’t come on here and ask for our opinion and then say it isn’t helpful. So disrespectful.

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    Simon, if you had read Richard’s thread properly you would know he already had his car and was charging it using a granny charger, and you would know he was recounting the tale of getting a charging point fitted.  He didn’t ask for your opinion.

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    Caroline Holland

    I find all this hilarious, please forgive me not because it’s funny but because although not one single issue is the same we are at week 14 of trying desperately to have a charger installed. We are in a sense lucky as the car is delayed via the semi conductor debacle, but really if EV is the way forward what idiot thought each individual would tolerate such inefficiency, expecting that the move to EV would let one accept any hurdle with happiness. We are rural and as such will massively save by using an EV but only if it’s attached to the house otherwise with the nearest charger being 22 miles away we would set off like a hamster wheel spending most of our charge mileage charging. We have learnt so much since starting and the good news is it’s happening, everything is coming together, we have changed our tariff for night time charging, but we have noticed that although everyone is watching to see how we get on, as locally we will be the pioneers, after seeing what we have had to do and they times of can we can’t we get this done. Not one person feels confident enough to follow suit. Perhaps when we start using the car far more for far less that attitude will change who knows.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m sorry to hear you’ve had issues too but also heartened to know I’m not alone.</p>
    After having a moan at Motability, Octopus, BP & UKPN I now have Octopus coming to do the meter tails to 25mm2 cables on 17th June, UKPN replacing the cutout fuse to 100A on 18th June & Elm BPs contractor are coming to survey after that. I have literally had to email the CEOs to get it this far if I hadn’t taken it to the top I have no doubt I’d still be waiting for info.

    I would recommend anyone in a similar situ look up the CEO’s email & send them all the details.

    We’re also rural, coastal rural the nearest charger is 6 miles away in a car park but our season ticket us only for 3 hours parking & its a 7kw charger plus its 35p/kwh which is a bit sharp. I haven’t tried a rapid charger yet as haven’t been near one. I’ve been charging at home 4 hours a night on the granny charger at 5p/kwh.

    I bought a TPLINK kp115 smart plug with energy monitoring & it turns on/off at the correct times plus I can monitor power I’ve put in its very useful.

    Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll finally have a 7kw charge point.

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    Ask the landlord for a copy of the certificate, ‘New electrical testing requirements for landlords mean that you must test your property every five years. You’ll need to get a certificate in the form of a written report – this is usually an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).’ they have to have it or its a big fine and the law came in on APRIL 1. They are new regs and all places have to have a new cert done

    I would be surprised if given the problems you have had the place has an up to date and current EICR. I would suggest the landlord should upgrade and sort out your electrics. It looks like a bodge of a job and would fail current standards. They will only have to put it right after an EICR. ‘Existing tenancies will need to comply from 1 April 2021, and must supply a copy to a tenant.


    ”This article was updated on 7 April 2021.

    There are new electrical regulations for landlords in 2021 that require you to arrange an inspection and electrical safety certificate for all your private rented properties.

    As a landlord, you’ll need to make sure you’re complying with these rules. If you don’t you could face a fine of up to £30,000.

    Landlords must adhere to these new energy rules to avoid £4,000 fines” The old cert is not good enough.

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    My experience getting a charger through bppulse is enough to put anyone off. God help anyone trying to fill the online form in without a day to spare. Woe betide you too if like most people your cabling and CU is not prominently displayed in the centre of your lounge, which is next to the outside wall where the unit will go. In short forget it, oh and make sure you have lots of time for the tons of photos you will have to take, download and upload. It’s one long pain and typical of the half arsed ‘system’ I use the term sarcastically, that is rolling out EV chargers.

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    Well yesterday Octopus sent a tech out to replace the tails but only the ones up to the meter as I thought would happen despite Octopus promising me they’d all be changed.

    Today I had UKPN put who say they can’t put a 100A fuse in, not because of my wiring but because of THEIRS.

    Apparently my main incomer is only rated to 83A so if I need 100A they’ll need to replace that which is still “free” but they’re booking for around October now.

    Honestly this has been such an eye opener the infrastructure this country sits on us so screwed, much if the copper is still from WW2 era & a lot I’d main incomers are aluminium apparently (they slightly oversize it vs copper to allow for resistance).

    Now were getting to the point of needing 2 or 3 phases in domestic & we’re talking a huge job to supply power,new transformers, new cabling apparently 1 guy was just quoted £20k fir 2 phases as it needs new wiring & a new transformer at the substation.

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    We’ve been on this treadmill since Nov. 20, the DNO, SSE, set me up for an emergency wiring replacement as my pre-war incoming is rated at 40a and was looped to the neighbours. The insulation is disintegrating, hence the emergency as its a fire risk and their fault for ignoring it for so long (the engineer said my wire type was condemned in the 90’s and stripped out). I called them again in April, asking where they were, only to find our job was not listed, so another emergency call out to check the wiring, and yes, its still an emergency. The contractors SSE use will be with me shortly. Called again late May as no one has called or turned up etc, what job they said…AAARRRGGHHH.

    Yet another emergency call out set up (no record of the other two), the same SSE engineer turned up within the hour, yup, its an emergency! The contractors will be in touch shortly…still waiting. They can’t give you a job number, so you are at the mercy of their clearly failed system.

    In the meantime, I’ve upgraded all of the 3 CU’s in the house to new metal units, had spare capacity in the 2nd floor one for the cable for the charger and had 25mm tails fitted, the systems all good to go for 100a…

    The EV arrives end of July, I thought it would all be sorted given I had started this 9 months previously.

    We have also just started our plodding to get BP to install the charger, pictures uploaded, they came back with “need more pictures of the charger install point & where is the car parked” Given one of the uploaded photos was of my driveway with my bloody car on it where I always park it I’m not holding my breath. I just hope they don’t want to run cables from the incoming main to the charger as they can’t, they have to run from the second floor CU – its another 15m to the main one and through two floors of a listed building. The cable run is 25m already and must be run in the attic crawlspace, it’d be more painful and difficult to run it internally along walls as there are a series of doors & 1m thick stone walls to negotiate.

    I just don’t know why Motability chose BP Puse/Chargemaster, I mean, look at Trustpilot, the reviews are shocking!


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    I just hope they don’t want to run cables from the incoming main to the charger as they can’t, they have to run from the second floor CU – its another 15m to the main one and through two floors of a listed building. The cable run is 25m already and must be run in the attic crawlspace, it’d be more painful and difficult to run it internally along walls as there are a series of doors & 1m thick stone walls to negotiate. I just don’t know why Motability chose BP Puse/Chargemaster, I mean, look at Trustpilot, the reviews are shocking!

    Well, I think BP Chargemaster mentioned max run of 15 metres to me when they were trying to find a way out of doing the install, mine is 13 metres so they found another excuseby saying the path between my house & the allocated disabled numbered space in front is a public footpath despite it being on private land with no public right of way.

    Good luck with BP Chargemaster, but be ready for plan B & C, which are B – getting your own installation done by a reputable company such as maybe Pod-Point, and C – putting in a 32A commando socket & using an OHME charger with its own cable. I did option C. I’d already researched Pod-Point as when I ordered my car it was to have a free Pod-Point put in courtesy of Peugeot, but Motability changed everything to BP Chargemaster & really messed everything up.

    Just imagine the thought process behind Motability choosing BP Chargemaster….. something along the lines of “who is the biggest polluter?” ah yes, BP of course as they have a vested interest in selling fossil fuels & hence a good match for Motability who also seem to be in thrall to the fossil fuel industry.

    Anyway, with the OHME charger on the commando socket I can have the charging done when electricity is cheapest, be that Octopus Agile or Octopus Go, BP’s offering isn’t so smart.


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    Actually the BP charge box is a smart Box, you can log in once your account is open through the charge vision portal and schedule the car to charge whenever you want, although this can obviously be done from the car also. You can also view history of charges and costs etc, its quite informative really and easier to set schedules than in the car, at least it is with the soul.

    However i completely agree with everyone regarding the installation process, they are completely inept, communication is almost none existent and i had to threaten to return the car on more than one occasion just to get someone to make enquiries on my behalf. What should have taken weeks took months and the service is totally unacceptable, BP seriously need to change contractors and invest in the call centre side of things as this is where it falls flat on its face.

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    The OHME you just tell it that you’re on say the Octopus Agile tariff & how much you are willing to pay for electricity, & then it computes which half-hour slots to charge the car, so it will be charging during some half hour slots & not others.The clever bit is the OHME communicating with Octopus to know exactly how much electricity costs for each half-hour slot automatically.

    The OHME does the same with Octopus Go which I’m now trying, so you simply plug it in when you get home & it charges automatically when electricity is less than say 6p/kWh & it picks up all the 5p/kWh half-hour slots & charges during those, so 8 of them in a row which you could program easily enough using BPs charge box.

    What we don’t know is what happens at the end of the 3 year OHME contract.


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