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    I have decided on a VW Sharan as my next car. The VW Sharan 1.4 TSI SE NAV Auto is slightly cheaper (£999) than the manual  VW Sharan 1.4 TSI SE NAV (£1,149).

    I am tempted to get the   Volkswagen Sharan 2.0TDI SE NAV manual (£1.199) but I probably only do half the 20,000 miles a year.

    Anyone know the lead times on these vehicles and in your honest opinion which model is the best to buy, petrol or diesel.


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    The 1.4 is now a 1.5, just to let you know if your thinking of a manual car some 1.5 owners are having problems with the engine stalling or kangerooing when cold? It doesn’t seem to effect the autos.

    If where you live is hilly or you load up your vehicle then go for the 2.0 tdi as the Petrol will struggle pulling such a big car and your mpg will be poor.

    But test drive them both if you can.


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    If you go onto VW and try to build a Sharon they only list what will be a factory order as a 2.0 tdi engine now, so if you want the 1.4 it will be whatever stock any dealers can find if any.

    The Sharon never got the 1.5 engine, it kept the 1.4 as VW knew it was coming to end of life.

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    My guess is the 1.4 TSi engine is not WLTP compliant and as it’s a discontinued engine AFAIK they can’t sale them after the end of this month, at least, that’s how I’ve read the WLTP rules but chances are, there all gone anyway.

    Can’t comment on the 1.5 replacement as my 1.5 Touran never materialised and I cancelled it but some say 1.5 + DSG is OK while others have problems so for me it might have been a lucky escape cancelling the Touran, on the other hand being DSG I might have been happy with the engine but overall its a bit of a gamble.

    All that said I’m happy going back to diesel because my car has a lot of weight to pull and is, at best of times, three quarters laden and it pulls fully loaded or not without a sniff of a Kangaroo. ?

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    I never knew the sharan didn’t get the newer 1.5 engine.

    I stand corrected. But you wouldn’t really want a new car that wasn’t compliant as you may have problems with any future congestion zone.

    Mind you the sharan replacement should be announced soon.

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    Hi Colin,  you really need to test drive a petrol Sharan it’s a big heavy car and more suited to diesel. However you need to regularly go for a good run in the diesel.  I waited for the 1.5 petrol to arrive in a Touran auto, after testing it I cancelled, too lacklustre, the Sharan is heavier!!

    Good luck,

    Regards,  wonky

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    Thanks for the replies and your advice everyone.

    I think for the extra AP the diesel is probably the best Sharan to go for.

    Any idea a how long a factory order will take or dealers with stock?

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    I concur with the diesel over the petrol.

    Ordered my Tdi DSG Sharan soon as was able  for a supposed July 21 change date. Salesman said realistically a good 12 weeks, I’m not expecting it before October if I’m honest. According to VW tracker it still with factory awaiting build week allocation and has been for well over a month.

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