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    What’s the most you guys have paid for an Advance Payment towards a vehicle? Just curious

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    £2650 ap + £750 extras

    2016 for volvo xc60 seems a bargain the way the prices are now.

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    4000 for a Seat Tarraco FR 190 4Drive TSI and it makes me feel a bit sick.

    I paid 2600 upfront for the tiguan 190 diesel 4motion and that came with lots of bells and whistles inc. Sunroof. Actually love this car, going to be sad to see it go.

    But for our needs and the current state of the “market” the Tarraco will suffice. Maybe July will change things  who knows.

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    Glos Guy

    Anyone with a WAV will win this hands down. Some of the AP’s on those are eye watering!

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    Lee Bengough

    My current 2021 Citroën C4 1.2 155 EAT8 Shine Plus was £1,195. Most I have ever paid in 16 years.


    my other cars have been between Nil and £195.

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    £3749 merc cla premuim plus

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    A whopping (at the time) £1,600 for a Vauxhall Tigra about twenty-five years ago!

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    £2200 this time for a Tiguan 1.5 petrol DSG Auto Elegance fitted with a boot hoist, last Tiggy was £1650 with a £350 dealer discount.

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    Just in April paid £3350 for 3008 Hybrid4 plus extra for ‘Black pack’ and larger onboard charger

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    and forgot the Vertigo blue paint!

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    £700 ish for a citroen c4 grand picasso about 10 years ago but just in time i found out about the veterans grant for autos of £660 so it cost me about 40 quid lol.

    since then i have had minis and have had a £500 discount from stratstones and the grant so theyve cost me nowt.

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    I paid £3000.00 advance payment for my Audi Q3 S line auto 2.0 TDI 5 years ago. I was still working when I got it so it was more affordable to run then. I will miss it when it goes though, it’s been a lovely car to drive.

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