Which new car?

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    Hi all,current motability car is Skoda superb and it certainly lived up to its name.due for change in July and if it wasn’t for the advance payment £2193 I’d have another no hesitation.(as an aside I’m disgusted that motability has so much profit each year yet we the leasers have to pay so much just to get a suitable car) but anyway I need a car with good amount of room,must be auto and was looking at Nissan Qashquai but I’m wondering as the latest 2021 version only came on release a few weeks back and it looks like a good improvement on the previous one will it be available for motability when I ask about it? Main reason I ask is the reason I actually receive motability is this will  be my last car,not going into details but I won’t see this xmas so I want it to be special for me (who doesn’t drive) wife (who does) and the grandkids for this (hopefully good summer) so anyone in the know? Or suggest something else? My main wish in any car was never the speed,the super duper radio cd but the quietness when driving which is why I loved the superb I currently have,anyway I’m open to suggestions thanks….

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    Hiya,I’m so sorry to hear of your situation.

    I’ve got the qashqui but a 68 plate, if the new 21 edition is anything like this one ,it will be fantastic! I love mine , but I needed a bigger boot for my new scooter, so this time I was going to go for the the MG HS, it was great on a test drive and with great amounts of techy stuff.

    Unfortunately though the MG dealer treated me like I was second class and then messed me around so I cancelled, but it was a lovely car and couldn’t fault it.

    I’m glad though it came to that as I fell in love with the grandland x Sri nav, I luckily have a good friend with one and their really nice, so I ordered a black one but it’s a factory order so the earliest I’ll see it is July and even then I’m preparing for a delay.

    The Volvo’s attractive aswell , it’s a shame the XC90 isn’t on motability as my grandmother just passed and left my dad some money and he bought one, oh my it’s beautiful, so is the xc40 and as far as I know that’s on motability.

    What you need to do if you want a car quicker is ask for what they have in stock, I’m sure you know that already though.

    I am terrible for my OCD and I actually started researching my next car only six months after I got my qashqui haha,

    I wish you luck finding the right car!

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    Would you mind saying how the MG dealer messed you around, I’m at the point of cancelling, but as I’m not in a rush I might hang on as it’s a very comfy car

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    1. @karl I phoned back in February and they said they were open, that was strange cause they weren’t allowed legally, but that’s not a worry.

    So basically the look around and test drive were fine, then i went in and sat with the salesman, he talked to me like I was second class, I ignored it though and filled out some paperwork and he said he’d done loads of motability the week before, but he didn’t seem to know what he was doing,

    we left thinking it was sorted and we ordered it in black, they phoned the next morning asking me to come back to sort out more paperwork as the forgot something, I left again after that and thought right it’s sorted,

    then phone call next morning asking to come back because they forgot to take photos of my current car for motability! I got there and a different salesman came over with a tablet and we had to go through the whole thing of ordering again as the first one hadn’t got anything finalised,

    so left again and got an email from motability saying it was ordered, I thought thank god for that, they told me they had the black one in stock and would update me, then next day they phoned again saying sorry the blacks gone !!!

    But if I would except red it’s 100% mine, I excepted after a bit of a think, so they said it would be ready in 7-10 days, I thought ok great, as we got near ten days they phoned and said sorry the car sold already even though they promised me it was mine, then he said if you except any colour we might be able to find one in stock, by this time the messing around and way I was spoken too I suffered a near mental breakdown due to having serious mental health troubles anyway,

    my wife phoned them and went mad, they weren’t interested in my breakdown and just went on about it’s a common situation and does happen, my wife said it wasn’t good enough , but again they just waffled talk of how we should be happy as their doing their best, and I should be lucky that their willing to find me a stock one, I wouldn’t of minded waiting but they had none of it, they told me the factory making the chips is shut and I’d be waiting months apon months so again they said they were doing me a favour and I should except any colour because of that.

    All the time both me and the wife was talked down to and talked over! by this time I spoke to motability and let them know I’d had a look and fallen in love with a grandland x Sri nav, they phoned MG for me and cancelled the order, I phoned vauxhall and done the order over the phone in less then 20 minutes , I spoke to the salesman and the manager of picadors and honestly they were fantastic

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    Would you not consider extending your lease and keeping the Superb?

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    Karl Arthur

    @Richy sounds unnervingly similar to my experience, I had the “any other colours, lack of chips”, conversation on Saturday, they also added the lack of shipping as a problem, do at least they’re coming up with new excuses, I genuinely think it’s because the MG dealers have no contact or control of the factory and what turns up is what they have, I also tjink the rapid rise of MG sales in the UK is down to over selling and wonder how many of those sales have yet materialized especially for Mobility customers.

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    I am afraid the computer chip shortage is a problem for the car industry,some have just been closed for a week or two,or on short time,cut production for a while during the shortage,so waiting times just getting longer what ever you order,they say it could be bad until 2022, lets hope not,or we will have a long wait.

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    Your best bet would be to look for a car in stock other wise it’s highly likely it will be the end of 2021 or early 22 for a new vehicle.

    extend your lease on your current vehicle and enjoy that if you like it.

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    James, if you like the Skoda, have a look at the Octavia Estate Automatic Mild Hybrid SE Tech. Deposit is £795,  sat nav, front and rear parking sensors, flappy paddles (you don’t have to use them). It has an electric motor charged by the 1L Turbo petrol engine.

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    The computer chip shortage is a big problem. You have 3 major companies with fabs setup making them Samsung, TSMC & Global foundries they run their fabs at about 80% capacity which is the highest to prevent losses etc due time cleaning down, human error etc.

    The car industry operates largely on just in time practices so they don’t have huge amounts if stock on hand. So they have Standing orders for a volume of chips, typically when they need more they ask the fab to make more & isn’t a problem BUT right now due to companies like AMD releasing new cpu’s & graphics chips from AMD & Nvidia coupled with 2 new consoles from MS & Sony add on a pandemic & you’ve got a perfect storm.

    This coupled with shipping issues is why you can’t buy a cpu, graphics card, games console etc. Plus due to shut downs there’s now shortages showing up of the substrate that chipmakers use.

    There’s a shortage of high grade silica (sand) used to make chips.

    You also have Intel the other big cpu manufacturer altho they have their own fabs they haven’t managed to shrink their manufacturing process below 14nm (others are now pushing 5nm 3 generations better) because if this they’re moving to get their cpu’s made at TSMC which will push shortages & demand higher still.

    So build more fabs I hear you say, well a new fab costs about $3-4bn with TSMC estimating their next gen fab will cost $20bn to build.

    Sadly chip shortages are not likely to go away soon unless car manufacturers obtain better contracts for more capacity all year round & not on JIT

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    @Richard, thanks for the info, it’s certainly an eye opener and explains a lot.

    I was hoping the grandland would be here by the end of August as we’re going camping, not holding my breath though, might have to sweet talk me dad to insuring me on his XC90 haha, can’t see it myself, but I can make do with the qashqui, just means I’ve got to buy a roof set for my box, suppose I can sell it again after

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