what about pick ups?

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    given the long waits etc at the moment could mota bring in pick ups to fill the gap.

    do they have fewer chips as they tend to be less techy than cars?

    i for one they would suit 2 seats an a load area.

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    I think 60% of the customer base could do with a pickup especially in cab form (front and rear seats and bed).

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    Yes please, would suit me perfectly šŸ™‚

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy šŸ™‚

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    60%, Rico?Ā  Surely you jest.

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    For me, anyway Wigwam, front room, space for son, and enough room to through anything I need in back tbh, I mean I dont need a hoist as of yet though, but could you image how easiy to fit any type of chair into a bed. its perfect, its not a fake suv, has enough room for chairs and shopping and (the in laws in the bed…. IĀ  am jisting of course)

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    If members feel that this is an option (as I do), then perhaps they could do what I did and actually let Motability know this. I spoke to an agent and asked for this request to be pushed to higher management, as it could be one way to add further choice to an already significantly depleted choice.

    If enough voices are heard then maybe, eventually, someone might just have to sit up and take notice.

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    be better with one of the van types i’d have thought.Ā  if i have another car it will likely be one.

    Current Car: Hyundai Kona Premium EV...2 way 40kg hoist
    Last Car: Toyota C-HR Excel Hybrid...4 way 80kg hoist

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    mike lannin

    I have just emailed them re this – will let you know the response.

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    I have just posted the following to motability

    “With the currently limited availability of cars, and the long lead times.
    Myself and a few other customers had a discussion of what we feel could fill the gap and that would be suitable for our needs in terms of boot space for chairs etc.
    (I play wheelchair sport so require a significant amount of space for chairs.)
    which led us to thinking, has the scheme ever considered the addition of a more commercial vehicle such as a pick up style body. a double cab would accommodate the passengers required with ample space on the load bed.
    A ford Ranger is estimated to depreciate by 14% compared against a Seat Ateca which would depreciate by 22% (BMW X1 30%) over a 3 year period.
    As the WAV vehicles are derived predominantly from commercial vehicles which are on a 5 year contract, if it was required to go to a 5 year contract for a pick up style im sure other customers would also take this option to ensure the vehicles suitability.

    With the few points of rationale above could this be considered by motability? if this consideration has been made already could you please let me know why it was dismissed?”


    Will see what comes back..

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    Would be a perfect all rounder for me and my family! We can only hope šŸ™

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    Thought this was gunna be about girls

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    Thought this was gunna be about girls

    That tickled me X :-))

    I’m another who would choose a truck over anything else on the scheme were they available.

    On the subject of them being technically simpler than most cars; I personally am starting to loathe all the “driver aids” included on modern cars and active by default. I’ve been a professional commercial driver for over 30 years with an excellent safety record, I don’t need to be told if the A.I. thinks I’m too close to another vehicle or white line. For all of it’s benefits it has no ability whatsoever to anticipate near future events such as the car you’re passing turning off the road or that you are hitting an apex to get a more stable line through a bend. I know these systems can be switched off but it’s too much hassle to do via multiple screens every time you cycle the ignition.

    Are there any technically simpler cars on the scheme? I doubt that trucks would be any different even if they were available.

    Not due to renew until November so we’ll see what transpires in the coming months. As things stand I’m leaning towards an exit and buying a second hand car for a bit of good old analogue driving.

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    i agree with you there wardygtc.

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    As I’ve said before in posts I’ve created, would love to see pick-ups on the scheme.

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