What a treat

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    Good morning all you lovely people,

    Iv been feeling quite unwell this morning but have enjoyed the gorgeous sunrise which has cheered me up, what’s it like where you are? Do you have a nice pink floaty sunrise? Enjoy your day! 🙂

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    Hi, Lou!

    Sorry to read you’re not 100% today – hope you feel better soon.


    It was really nice here first thing.  Mackerel sky under-lit with pinks and greys.  Cold, of course, but no wind, plus no frost for a change.  (Air’s too dry, I guess.)  Sunny now, birds are birding.

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    Morning Lou.

    The sky has been great round our area lately and certainly does brighten your spirits if you’re feeling low.

    I took a few photo of the sky taken from our bedroom window, hope you enjoy it.

    Take care and hope you get well soon. 🌞😊




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    Am feeling a little better this afternoon thanks 🙂 good to hear you had nice mornings too. That photo is beautiful (I enjoy taking them too)

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