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    My partners car has gone in for a repair, it needs a part which they don’t have. Motability have arranged a rental car, but her car has hand controls and she can’t drive the rental. I usually do all the driving anyway but she does drive to the shops and visit friends and family. She now has no independence until the car is fixed. What is a reasonable amount of time before we should be pushing for either a new car or a loan car with hand controls? Any advice or experience appreciated.

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    Joejoe I’ve waited a while on a courtesy car whilst needing a repair on mine, could be a simple fix, however if a ordered part is needed (if even available) how long is the will this be..

    So I’ve held out for a replacement car just incase..

    Hopefully your partner gets something sorted if it drags on to long ..


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    Update, Motability will indeed put temporary hand controls onto a loan car if your car is of the road for a period of time.  They are a make called Lynx that are a simple two rod push pull system. They bolt directly onto the brake and accelerator pedals and don’t require any hard wiring or screwing into panels so they are ideal for loan cars.

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