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    This car I’ve never liked as I think it’s too small, and my local Volvo dealer Marshall’s Cambridge are not  very good at how they treat new car customers motability but 5th gear test said it is brilliant giving it a high score, I was am really surprised.

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    I’d leave it if it’s to small 😳, it’s simply no good to you is it..

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    no ajn ,I was surprised it got such high score on TV programme, as I’ve never liked it ,I would only be interested in V60 with larger chassis,if it ever came onto scheme & If i never got ordered mercedes , because nobody knows anything @ mercedes .

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    XC60 would’ve been great for me, however the xc40 is great for Mrs ajn and being auto gives her the freedom of driving again..

    It is small however so far it’s done everything I’ve needed it to do..👍

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