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    With electric cars on the rise and autonomous vehicles around the corner taxis will very soon one of the be the cheapest forms of transport. The driver in a Taxi is the biggest expense so vehicles that can run24/7, stopping only to charge, will be very, very cheap to run.

    So will we see Motability take on this business model?

    Would you be interested if it became available?

    I think it would only work in built up areas such as cities and large towns but its something that many low mileage drivers might find interesting, i know i would.

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    I don’t think it would work for me, but I’m sure it would work for a lot of disabled folks.

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    There are 900,000ish disabled people who decide not to join the scheme, maybe this type of alternative would encourage them to use motability especially if some of the vehicles used are designed to accept wheelchairs without the need to collapse them.


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    I would think that many disabled would need help getting in and out of a vehicle (plus loading/unloading wheelchair, bags, etc). That’s going to be awkward when a driverless taxi turns up.

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