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    Saying bye bye to it after three years. Would have had a new one but the AP is just too high at the moment and only lower spec models. Picking up a SEAT Ateca 1.5 DSG Excellence Lux tomorrow.


    Here’s my last mpg since filling up for the last time. 

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    Well Philboy, all good things come to an end. As they say, when one door closes, an other one opens. I hope SEAT Ateca 1.5 DSG Excellence Lux Gives you pleasure.

    RIP Toyota Rav 4

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    Well,happy new car for tomorrow

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    I know what you mean PillBoy. I have the C-HR and I’m due to change in a few months time. My first choice replacement would be the Corolla GR Sport… but Toyota’s AP’s appear to have sky rocketed lately for some strange reason. The Corolla is made in Derby, UK – so it’s not like it has to be imported. I am contemplating selling a kidney in order to afford it, but I’m really fond of my body parts & don’t think selling them is the answer!

    Ah well – Toyota’s loss is another manufacturer’s gain.

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    Menorca Mike

    Please put photos on of the Seat what colour have you chose ?

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    I was torn between Silver and Red.  Ended up going for the silver because they look the cleanest for the longest.

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    pictures eagerly awaited


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    Well…………  what can I say other than lot’s of sweary words followed by poo.


    Everything was a disaster.  I arrived at the dealer ship and the salesman who I’d been dealing with asked me for my Motability paperwork, which I thought was just to make sure all the details matched up with what they had on their system.  When he came back I mentioned that I had taken a photo of my PIN incase I forgot to take the letter with me.  He replied ‘It’s ok I’ve already entered it.’  I questioned this and his response was ‘That’s what’s happening now due to Covid.’  He then took payment for the car.  Lastly he asked if I wanted him to explain some of the functions to me as they’re not allowed to get in the car to show me.  I said no as I had recently had a Tarraco on hire through RSM due to someone smashing into me on a roundabout, so knew the basic controls.


    So, continuing the arse backwards nature of the handover, we were finally taken to the car.  Opening the car I was instantly puzzled by the driver’s seat being manual operation rather than mechanical.  For the test drive they didn’t have the model  I wanted  and gave me an FR Sport instead.  After the test drive I asked what the differences were between that and the higher model Excellence Plus. He replied that the only real difference is that it’s a slightly softer suspension and the seats would be comfort seats rather than sports style seats i.e bigger bolsters and firmer.  No mention of the fact that the higher model didn’t have electric seats.  I queried this and he said that’s just how it is.  I said that is not how the car was portrayed to me and that I had made a point of telling him that my back was unstable and that I needed to change position fairly frequently and after the test drive I told him how much better it was for me with electric seats.  He said that all I could do was take the car and try it and contact Motability if it’s no good and they will let you change.  I wasn’t happy with this and said that I was going to phone Motability.  He said not to bother because you wont get through because the lines are so busy and they had been trying all week.  I really didn’t want to take the car as it had been mis sold, but my PIN had already been entered, my money taken, and it had started to rain.


    The salesman had just walked off and left me, even knowing I wasn’t happy.  Feeling pressured and I apparently couldn’t get hold of Motability, I took the car and drove directly home.  I phoned Motability straight away and it did take a long time on hold before I was answered by an agent.  I explained in detail what had happened and she was very surprised and asked me to hold while she spoke to the department who deal with dealerships.  They advised that the car had been mis sold and that the dealership were in error regarding the handover process and the unauthorised entering of my PIN without offering me the chance to input it myself or agree to the salesman doing it on my behalf.  The agent then called the Salesman and explained everything to him and also that Motability will be making him undertake a course with them.


    The agent then apologised about the experience I had had and that I will be given the option to either cancel the order straight away and receive all the £1749 AP back or keep the car while ordering a replacement and having my AP returned pro rata.  There will be no cancellation fee for me to pay and that it wouldn’t count against me in any way.


    Phew.  Large glass of wine for me now after that terrible experience, and now I have to start the search all over again.

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    What a ballache

    He needs more than a course me thinks

    At least you’ve got it sorted and good luck with the car search hopefully you’ll find the ideal vehicle

    I just hope our Seat salesman is better trained he seemed to be every time we have spoken

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    @Pillboy – Just checking the Ateca brochure, the Xclellence Lux (same as I’ve ordered) it says it should have leather sports seats.  The online configuration also says black leather sports seats but under the list of equipment it also says comfort seats so that’s not confusing at all!.  The one I had a sit in def. didn’t have electric seats, I had to push the levers to get the seat fully back and down.

    Have a look at the MG HS, the Exclusive version has electric drivers (6 way) and passenger (4 way) adjustable leather seats.  The AP for the Auto is only £999.  🙂

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    Seat seem to have the worst dealerships I have ever come across.

    I’ve not been to a decent one yet.

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    Mine has been spot on so far 🙂

    Having said that it’s the same dealership that sold me the Gen 2 Qashqai in 2014 and that was a terrible car!.  It had different seats to the one I’d had for the test drive (and was told they’d be the same), fuel economy was terrible (1.5 Renault diesel engine), the stop/start kept cutting in when pulling out of junctions and a few other really annoying habits!, it went back after a few months.  I swapped to a Kuga, not as fancy or as many electronic gizzmo’s but it did exactly what it said on the tin 🙂

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    This is where one needs to go threw the specs of any trim yourself very carefully with a toothcombe and even build the certain model online in some cases to see what comes on it as standard or not on certain trim levels asgainst others, all dealers don’t know everything that’s forsure.

    For example i was looking at a 2.ol corrolla when i visited my local dealer they only had a 1.8l.. This was when it was newly out (last summer) and they knew no differences between the 2 engines. Infact there are a few the main one on the 2.ol the battery it is in the boot.

    I happened to be looking at cars in closest big town as missus and her sister and the kids had free cinema tickets. popped into toyota they had a 2.0l in the showroom and the battery was in the boot on the 2.0l so is tiny, a lot smaller than on the 1.8l. So was not for me. Imagine if i had ordered one after seeing the 1.8l.. Just as well as was not real mention of the small boot anywhere.

    So i get your dissappointment totally and is why you gotta check the specs and not trust the sales person to know everything about each model as they don’t. Saves this from happenening.

    I just picked up my car and the sales manager dealt with me and he needed asked for the pin to complete the order. so i dunno how yours didn’t or already had it..

    Well liking my new car and the fact in has no start system stop is awesome, as often just as you about to pull away from a junction it cutsout..



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    Richard hewett

    When I ordered my BMW X1 xdrive xline the dealer built my car on the bmw website,he asked me lots of info as there was half a dozen no cost options and a few other bits and bobs he printed it out and it have a list of all options and I am able to go on and check it out.
    really bad the dealer putting in the pin it’s not the first time it’s happened though.

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    I think it’s wise to remember that when it comes to looking at new cars – YouTube is probably your best friend. There are numerous reviews for all new models – a lot of reviews inform you of what’s standard & what’s optional – and remember; reviews of each model are always added every single day – so keep checking back. I have lost count of how many car reviews I have watched during lock-down! Many of the reviews are superb and very detailed. One particular sites’ reviews are an hour long for each car!

    Also worth remembering that if you type the make & model you’re interested in into Google & then ‘PDF’ – you should get the manufacturer’s downloadable brochure for that car with a complete list of what is standard & what’s optional for each model.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>You will find that most demonstrator cars have everything that type of car comes with, every extra. Customers are then shown and let drive this car with every conceivable extra in it. The salesperson is programmed to tell you anything to sell you the car. Yes sir yours will have that of course it will have those as well. In reality when it arrives they will be off or have left and you will accept a free pen and a bunch of flowers.</p>

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    What I have got to ask is how did the salesman get your PIN in the 1st place?

    Did you give it to him with the rest of the paperwork? If you did then it’s your responsibility to keep that safe and not give it to anyone as it states on the letter that accompanies the PIN.

    If you didn’t give him the PIN then the question has to be asked as to how he got hold of it?

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    Vinal pillboy said that the salesman asked to see the paperwork and then walked away with it without telling him why he wanted it.

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    I know but whenever I have been to collect a car I have never ever given the rep my paper with the PIN on ever, it clearly states this more than once not only on Motability website but also on the letter and the actual sheet with the PIN on!

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    True, but we all have different degrees of disability and the dealership should know better than to take advantage of anybody on the scheme. But this is how some act. Some they just trying to help but when something goes wrong like in this case it, It comes back to bite the dealership in the butt not the actual sales person.

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    It’s nice to read that some think this is my fault in some way.

    I was totally taken by surprise as soon as I walked through the door and assumed that he was just checking that my paperwork matched what was on his pc.

    It’s not as if I was at some dodgy backstreet car sales, this was a very large car sales group.

    As well as my physical disability I suffer with Bi-polar disorder and have been suffering with depression and terrible concentration for the past week and my cognitive functions were not 100%.  I’m an ex Departmental Manager at a university and also someone who is, when unaffected by this illness, very switched on.


    So vinylspin, thanks for gaslighting me and making me hate myself a little bit more and feel as if I’m useless.

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    All isn’t lost,  simply cancel the order and get a very lovely Volvo xc40 instead, first mistake, the assumption that the excellence lux is the top Ateca, when in fact the FR sport is, don’t be misled again, annoying experience for you, good luck

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    dont worry pillboy your not the first and i dare say wont be the last to get turned over by a salesman.

    at least motability are sorting it, theres worse happens. try not to beat yourself up it aint your fault.

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    @Pillboy, let me apologise, I wasn’t having a go but reading it back it does look like it so I am genuinely sorry for upsetting you.

    I didn’t understand how he had got hold of the PIN, I always keep it separate, now I realise what happened I can see how it went. I am though still appalled that the salesman did that knowing full well that they are never given the PIN and only the customer is supposed to enter it and you had clearly not realised you had given him it with the rest of the stuff, such a sneaky move to try and force you to take a car you hadn’t even checked over, he should be removed from doing mota sales.

    Again, sorry for the upset.

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    I see the situation as a salesman made false representations as to the specification of the car. He realised this and saw the only way of bailing himself out was by entering the pin himself before the customer saw the vehicle and refused to take delivery of the car.

    I know what I would do if I was the salesman’s boss and it certainly wouldn’t be re-training him.

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    There is potentially a case for discrimination in this case reading your post but I also suspect that u would just be happy with it sorting and could really do without any extra hassle.

    P. S. Fair play for your apology Vinalspin, good on ya. 👍

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