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    The new series of Top Gear started tonight for anyone that’s interested. (Catch up on iPlayer) Did anyone watch it? If so, what did you think?

    I was a big fan of the bmw 323i which I thought sounded amazing.

    I’ve got a lot of time for Chris Harris too. I could listen to him talking about cars all day

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    I meant to watch it DBtruth, but with it being Mother’s Day time was more focused on Mrs ajn..

    As you mentioned though iPlayer, I’ve never bothered watching since the other three took over, however my Daughter finds them funny..,

    Always telling me I should watch it

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    You can tell these three like each other  and I think they’ve got the show right. They’ve got real chemistry which hasn’t quite been there previously. It’s entertaining for the family but still has a bit of car stuff in too. Excellent camera shots as always from the TG crew.

    They’re doing a James Bond piece next week and I’ve seen that they’ve got a Toyota 2000gt on which in my opinion is one of the best looking cars to ever appear in Bond. Really looking forward to that

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    This latest series has been the best for the new due, entertaining , funny yet not over childish.

    Good content, great cars (G Wagon what a motor !) and wonderful locations…. what’s not to like 😎

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    @Unclebob I watched and enjoyed the last one about Dads cars great stuff (emotional).

    Got one to watch.
    That  green super car they had wow just wow, I think a must see..


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    Yup – this series seems quite good. Caught a little bit of latest one and it seems to go back to the original format: i.e. blokes doing stuff about cars. Gave up with the original series, Clarkson, May etc., when they started doing their mega one-off road trips and the like. Not enough car stuff, just Jezza and the Hamster insulting foreigners.

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    Big fan of Top Gear through the good and the bad times. The current three and the show in general is as good as it has ever been in my opinion.

    Just watched the Sabine Schmitz tribute which was very well done and very moving.


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    just watched back to back episode 2-4 plus the Sabine  tribute.. wow just wow..

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    Sad to have missed the Sabine tribute. Will have to find it on demand. Aside from being a great driver and broadcaster she had a wicked sense of humour which I remember her using on Clarkson. Will be much missed.

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    Sabine Schmitz tribute


    I watched the Sabine Schmitz tribute afterwards…she really was one in a million and enjoyed life so much🙁…RIP Sabine .

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    Totally agree UncleB,

    R I P  Sabine

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    it was a great tribute and richly deserved.

    what a zest for life that lady had always smiling and laughing.

    taken far too soon.

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    The new series started tonight. Available on iPlayer for anyone who missed it.
    Featuring some monster track cars and a fantastic tribute piece to motorcycle stunt man Eddie Kidd.

    This series looks like it’s going to be good

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    Yes great new series ..enjoyed that .

    The Eddie Kidd segment was a bit emotional, I remember as a youngster watching Eddie’s stunts on TV and seeing that final stunt on the news….all very sad.

    He seemed to enjoy the show Paddy helped put of for him …many’s smiles and much laughter …god bless him .

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