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      Another sleepless night – everything hurts.

      The Chiropractor is due at some point today. She’s a super nice lady but OMG she takes no prisoners. Fortunately the pain normally subsides within 24/48hrs.

      The foxes that are normally at the bottom of my garden are missing today (i’ve been out 3 times already but worryingly no sign of them) I’ve left some cumberland sausages, a few rashers of bacon plus a handful of dog biscuits though. My wife thinks i’m mad but feeding the local wildlife makes me feel better.

      No hot water for nearly two weeks and all we hear from the contractor and HA is that they are waiting for parts.

      My GP called me yesterday just to enquire how i’m doing – i feel very very lucky to have such a brilliant GP.

      Had to call DVLA Medical yesterday (25 mins in the queue) to order a new Driving Licence because 2 days ago i cut up my current license believing that i was cutting up an older expired licence. Total cost £20 and it should arrive within 5 days.

      Current weather here in Reigate cloudy and foggy with a 4mph wind coming from the south.

      Wherever you are in the country and whatever your plans are for today i hope that you have a great day!

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        Hope things soon improve.

        Terrible leaving you without hot water,hope its now been sorted



          Surely, its not right leaving someone without hot water for nearly 2 weeks, especially when they are disabled.

          Reminds me of what you see on tele.

          Hopefully the foxes will return soon enough, after they have eaten the prime steak left out by a neighbour!

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