Tiguan DENT help

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Your fiend should be sorting it out</p>

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    He is paying for it

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    If he is paying for it, then go to an accident repair centre or two and get a quote, something similar on my Sons Citigo was about £550. We paid directly to avoid insurance claim on a non-driving fault for a 19yr old (he  hit it whilst mucking about on his longboard in the drive).

    If you go to your insurance and tell the whole story they will approach him for payment, either direct or via his house insurance, either way he will end up footing the bill.

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Will motability insurance go through him if I tell them it was him? Will that also effect my GCB at the end?

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    Yes do not tell motability they’ll hold it against you and should you have more than 2 incidents on your insurance they can refuse you for future cars. This happened me when someone knocked off my wing mirror when I first joined the scheme, I informed them as per their t&c and then someone drove into the car at another date and informed them and when it came to renew they said they wouldn’t due to those incidents. Neither were my fault and I had to argue with them and they agreed at a higher access and said no claims were allowed to be made within 3 years to continue on the scheme. So personally I would just have someone else fix it and pay and leave the insurance incase there is a need for it

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    Do u know what the excess usually is on a 190hp tiguan diesel for over 25

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    I believe the RSA excess is £100 for over 25, whatever the car. Any repair has to be made through Motability/RSA. I feel sure that any other repair would be against the contract you have with Motability and you might have to bear the consequences.

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    If your friend is paying for it then just get some quotes from reputable repair shops and go with the one you are happy with. You don’t have to make a claim if you get it repaired properly.

    Be aware though that if you speak to mota for advise about it they will mark it down as a claim regardless of whether you actually make a claim or not, I made an inquiry for a friend who had a bad scratch on their scheme car last year and was told they had the choice to claim or repair private but a couple of days later I got a call from RSAM about “my accident” and was I going to put a claim in, after I had stopped laughing I told them I hadn’t had an accident and they said Mota had informed them, I explained it all to them and they insisted I gave the other persons details which I refused on data protection grounds, they weren’t happy but when I asked for this request in writing stating the legal requirement for me to divulge the information they said there wasn’t one.

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    Looking at the pics, that’s going to need a new door. The car belongs to Motability. First, you must notify Motability of the accident.  Second get your friend to deal with Motability’s insurers. Any other approach could end up with you losing the car through breaching your lease conditions. Why risk it.

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    Menorca Mike

    It’s a race against time

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    what did he hit it with his body? Bike?

    I agree yes that’s going to need a new door because of the swage line damage it’s very difficult to pull a dent out if that’s effected.
    I’d make sure your friend realises that’s likely to cost him a fair bit has he got personal liability cover on his house insurance etc.

    If it was me I’d go through motability just because while it’s away getting repaired I’d have a replacement car still covered by the scheme.

    If it’s your friend fault you won’t pay an excess and it will just go on record as a non fault claim so won’t go against you in the very unlikely event of being refused using the scheme.


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    Id phone around the breakers and find a new door. Should, be able to get one the same color

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    Just looked on ebay plenty of rear doors for sale

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    Could i contact motability and ask them if i could repair it myself via a garage? There is a door from same model on ebay from a breaking tiguan which would fit

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    They will say NO,

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    Could i contact motability and ask them if i could repair it myself via a garage? There is a door from same model on ebay from a breaking tiguan which would fit

    It’s their car, they will want it done properly under their insurance.

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    The car is not yours, you rent it from Motability and any damage not notified to Motability or their insurers breeches your rental agreement. Imagine you own a nearly new car and your “friend” doesnt tell you he has had an accident in your car, and repairs it with a scrap door, then you find out after weeks or months especially when its auctioned at the end of your lease,

    They will not be happy to say the least, if he is your “friend” he will accept his mistake and make good with RSA and Motability, but you know this anyway. do the right thing

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    Motability would never find out as long as it’s repaired with genuine parts and done well.

    So its up to you what you do, what i wouldn’t do though is have it repaired

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    Oops ………

    meant to say repaired on the cheap with body filler and rattle cans to save a few quid. That could backfire by the time you hand the car back as it’s likely to stand out like a sore thumb.

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    I’ve heard of people getting refused another vehicle because of accidents but wasn’t aware of how many claims you can have, I’ve had 2 in my current vehicle, one still on going a year later due to the other vehicle not having insurance and one claim was deemed 50/50 even though the guy drove into me and admitted it to the police.

    in the 9 years I’ve had Motability cars I’ve claimed about 6times and only 1 fault accident and these have never gone against me getting a new vehicle even when ordering my new one. So I wonder the real claim allowance?

    as for a door either look on selling sites or go to a body shop. Doors aren’t hard to change yourself tbh

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    Yes I thought it was a bit excessive to hold something that wasn’t my fault against me and I would have just got ford to put a new wing mirror on if I had have known. With minor things I would not claim via the insurance anymore but would fix it properly not that I have had to thankfully. I would also like to know the amount of time can claim before being thrown off

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    Changing a like for like door wouldn’t affect any insurance so long as the door is the same colour and in good condition and fitted correctly, it has no bearing on the safety of the vehicle and a genuine door is a genuine door.

    I have seen dealers replace doors on cars that were brand new but got damaged getting off the transporter into the dealership and still selling them as new.

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    Just be carefull.

    Your agreement puts a duty on you to notify motability of accidents and damage etc

    You also have a duty to report accidents to their insurers also.

    I’m sure motability would see failing to notify them as worse than recording the accident with them.

    Be sure of what you do as being underhand may risk your lease.

    If your friend has no insurance to cover the liability then RSA may not pursue them for the cost.

    I would be in a dilemma if it happened to me as I’m a named driver on another policy which would be affected by recording an accident.

    Don’t forget when taking out insurance either with RSA for motability or any other car they ask you “have you had any claims or accidents”. Your meant to declare accidents you claim for and accidents you dont claim for and if they find out you lied or withheld information you can have your insurance nulled.

    My point is that if your going to get it repaired yourself make sure its done properly. If it comes out at a later date you’ve not declared a fix you may shoot yourself in the foot.

    I’m experienced in accident damaged vehicles and repairs. The only way to fix that properly is a replacement door. But even if you buy the same colour there is a remote chance of noticable shade difference in the panels which may need further work.

    Depends on comparable age of the panels and comparable wear to the paint surface etc.

    It may not be a simple case of swapping the door.

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