Thoughts, ideas…please.

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    Hello everyone,

    I hope your well and having a nice evening, I have a question regarding a possible aid.

    Every time I sit down, could be the edge of my bed or as soft as the sofa…I sit as gently and as slowly as possible yet the pain is agonisingly deep in my abdomen, I weigh around 9 stone and wondered if there is any sort of aid that could help with this? Iv tried cushions which haven’t eased it. Also, is the swivel attachment that you can place on the car seat quite smooth & helpful for turning/twisting to get in and out of a vehicle? I try to manage myself as best I can but I’m starting to struggle 👎

    Thankyou for reading and any responses 🙂

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    Have you had this checked out by a professional/hospital Lou, i remember you saying you have been shielding almost a year, so things can get put off…

    If the answer is YES and it’s a on going problem, then sorry I haven’t a clue other than laying down, not much help Sorry..


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    Sounds terrible – hope someone can help.

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    It’s so painful just to sit down, Iv been waiting since Sep 2020 for my surgery date 😕 I’m hoping after I have that, Itl settle enough to comfortably sit.

    My GP surgery is closed to everyone (phone appointment only) unless they deem it an emergency and my local hospital is also the same so ongoing issues & health matters have no option but to wait until they say “ok we will see you now”. I think I may give the GP a ring in the morning to see if they can help 🤞

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    @Lou, you say ….. My GP surgery is closed to everyone (phone appointment only) unless they deem it an emergency.

    Well it sounds like an emergency to me due to the space of time and continuing worsening pain, also shielding, being home and with home comforts we tend to put up with the pain rather than be seen to cause a fuss…

    My advise Lou, phone explain if need be push to be seen, mention about the waiting time, and the worsening agonising pain, maybe even ask someone to ring on your behalf explaining you’re not upto it.

    Best of luck though I know what it’s like sitting back on pain I hid mine for years, until my Daughter matured realised, discussed with my Son &Wife enough is enough arranged and almost frog marched me into an appointment, not in a rude manner more of a concerned one, the rest is on going.

    I’ve learnt one thing through all of this don’t tell my Daughter No when she knows the answer is yes.


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    @Lou You might try asking GP to refer you to your local Pain Clinic. My one did refer me and the pain folks were very helpful. If they don’t know of an aid then they probably know someone who does. Might even help getting you pushed for your op’?

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    Hello everyone, hope you have all been enjoying this gorgeous weather 🌞😎 me on the other hand still struggling to ease myself down in a sitting position. No luck with the GP as expected, the receptionist staff are very unhelpful & simply state “sorry no appointments, ring in the morning to try and get a phone consultation goodbye” I’m quite tired from being up half the night, the pain is making me feel queasy at times 👎 guess il give the GP another go in the morning. Tharg I was referred to a pain clinic……just over a year ago now.

    Theres a fantastic doctor at my surgery who I always requested to see but the new receptionist staff just pass me pill to post with the most slap dash doctors who are mainly unaware of my medical history and don’t take the time to read thru my notes, one even said she was removing one of my long term prescription meds simply because she didn’t want it on there 😕 (that didn’t happen thankgod) they used to be very good which is why I moved there but they have gone so downhill I’m losing faith in them.

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    Sorry to hear this Lou, what a nightmare, I too spend time awake most nights, it’s a quite and lonely time, and pain don’t help.

    It sounds to me your local surgery isn’t helping.

    How about out of hours phone line, let them ring you back(out of hours Doctor) tell them the situation and ask them to order an appointment, (bypassing the receptionist).

    This method have worked in the past for my Mrs ajn.

    Worth a try 👍🌻

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    Thanks Ajn, I considered this at around 4am but thought I would wait for my local surgery. I think il contact the out of hours because it’s horrible struggling to sit down, the doctor who tried to change my prescription also tried telling me to have counselling for  the condition that I’m now awaiting major surgery on 🤨.

    Its def lonely and frustrating, at least the weathers on our side today!

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    4am 😞, Try the out of hours Lou, got to be worth a try.

    Cant think any other way, other than A&E…

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