The Great Peugeot / Citroen Heated Seats Swindle…

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    Now I don’t know about anyone else – but my own disability means that in pretty quick time each day, my legs, hips and especially lower back can really ache & play me up no end. When I’m driving, heated seats are an absolute blessing! My current Toyota C-HR does a fabulous job of heating my lower back & this is particularly helpful during cold spells of course.

    I am due to change my car in a few months however & two cars that really catch my eye are the new Peugeot 208 GT Line and the DS3 Crossback – both from the PSA Group. But here’s the thing;

    The ‘top spec’ 208, in GT Line trim, doesn’t come with heated seats. If I want heated seats – I have to spec full leather option seats, which I don’t like or want, and pay £1,000 just to get them heated! That’s a lot of money just to keep my bum warm and help with the aches & pains. Pity – because I really like that car.

    Okay – so that’s the 208 almost certainly off my list sadly. Moving on to the ‘top spec’ (or indeed any spec)  DS3 Crossback which doesn’t come with heated seats on any model as standard, the ‘Ultra Prestige’. Sadly again, this is the only trim that heated seats can be specced on… and for the privilege of doing so, I will have to cough up £550 (on top of an AP that’s already well over £1,500).

    So the question is… why are the PSA Group just about the only manufacturer these days that doesn’t include heated seats as standard on their trim levels when most other car maker’s do? I know today is July 1st and thoughts of cold weather are far away… but it won’t be long before the cold, icy fingers of Winter come calling & the little comforts in life like heated seats become a real blessing. Come on PSA. Stop being mean, miserable, gits! You are losing sales in a time when you can hardly afford to do so… and all for the sake of a few quid to yourselves when fitted at the factory as standard. For many of us, able-bodied and disabled, heated seats in 2020 are a real necessity – not a luxury.


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    As an old(ish) Frenchman once said to me in faltering English:

    There is a right way of doing things.

    There is a wrong way of doing things.

    Then there is the French way of doing things!

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    Given the market positioning of the 208 and DS3, I’m not really surprised.

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    @solent60 i agree with you i have my heated seat on all the time , in the summer my kids say dad your heated seat is on and they turn it off (as if im old and iv forgot i put it on )

    iv looked at a few dealers and like you im unhappy i need to pay extra for heated seats . i think as motability costumers  heated seats show be standard

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    I need electric seats and BMW want just shy of £2,000 I think it is. Many manufacturers now only offer ‘Packs’ which include popular options with much less popular ones to shift them. Ordering singular options is becoming a thing of the past.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Given the market positioning of the 208 and DS3, I’m not really surprised.

    To be fair to Peugeot, the new 208 was only launched shortly before the Covid outbreak… and it was voted European Car of the Year 2020… although not by judges who deem heated seats important – obviously!

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    It’s crazy how quickly things change. We realised just how lucky and spoilt we were with our ASX we got 2.5 years ago. We have been looking for the replacement as it’s due and the AP is crazy how for anything similar. We ended up going for xline BMW X1 and paid for extras just to get similar to what we have now and that’s not even with an electric driver seat. Event he outlander doesn’t have what the ASX we have now has and boots seem to have gotten smaller which is an issue as I need to carry a mobility scooter and a wheelchair most of the time.

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    @solent60 i agree with you i have my heated seat on all the time , in the summer my kids say dad your heated seat is on and they turn it off (as if im old and iv forgot i put it on ) iv looked at a few dealers and like you im unhappy i need to pay extra for heated seats . i think as motability costumers heated seats show be standard

    I have my heated seats on in Summer too martino – on days when things really ache. You are not alone!

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    Jeff Schofield

    Of the PSA group electric cars the Vauxhall corsa-e has heated steering wheel and seats. It is the Ultimate nav model but the advanced payment is “only” £949. When we ordered ours 5 months ago it was £2000!

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    72 dudes

    I don’t think it’s a Peugeot Citroen issue, as others have pointed out, some companies charge a huge amount extra for heated seats as part of a pack.

    Even in our top of the range XC40 Inscription, which comes with leather electric seats, heated seats were only available by specifying the Winter Pack.

    This we did as Mrs 72 dudes also finds them a year round comfort for her spinal issues.

    Do some more research. If heated seats are more important than the car itself, the top model Hyundai i10 has them as standard I believe. Otherwise it’s down to your choice whether you put down a larger AP.

    Or leave the scheme and have a free choice of options which can be built into the monthly PCP payments.

    Just few years ago it would be unheard of for cars in the Peugeot 208/ DS3 to have heated seats even as an option.

    When choosing, we quite liked the DS7, but you couldn’t specify it with front parking sensors.

    To us, that seemed daft, but instead of coming on the forum complaining, we took it off our list. Simples!

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    They don’t include adaptive cruise either, I had a golf till last week, it came with the winter packas it was a match edition but the seats are hard and become more and more unbarable the longer you sit in them after 30 mins all you thinking is how hard the seat is. I have a bad back as well, but to get different seats you need to get the highest model or pay for them and on some i guess the winter packs not included it’s extra..

    This time i decided heated seats was not so important, i can buy a heated plugin cover i guess if it really is a problem.. For the extra money they want.. Or i’ll just have to wear my body warmer more.. More important to me is the adaptaive cruise and the comfort of the seat than it having to be heated i guess. least the car i did get has dual climate control where on the golf in was single, so i can jack up the heat my side..

    If it is heated seats you want then maybe the corrolla i’m sure in some trims it has them and in the rear seats as well. i cannot rememebr which..

    If you really set on a certain car then maybe you can come to aggrement with the dealer for it to be added at a reduced rate or you not intrested and find something else in is included in as standard.

    sometimes hard choices have to be make and i have kicked loads of cars off the list as acc is not included and they want a way to much for it as part of some pack..

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    My last car didn’t have heated seats so I bought an aftermarket plugin set.  They were quite cheap and are really good and have been working faultlessly for 5 years.


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    I have one i use at home that heats and massages and it has hard points, where the massage bits are.

    i deffo could’nt use that for driving, not with my back pain.. Plus i dunno If my new car has 12v socket it has pletty of usb and a hdmi port.. but deffo an option thats for sure..

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