Test drives April 21

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    I took several test drives or rather had booked several test drives last week

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    I had booked several test drives but the dat before two dealers contacted ne to say they had no petrol autos to test drive (very disappointing as had made clear and discussed my exact petrol autos I was interested in & the fact they are part of a massive chain of dealers)

    the test drive I had with local VW was very polite, straight forward but only 20 min solo test drive slowed in Tiguan – luckily a good range of roads within 20 min drive

    the local Citroen dealer was aware I had a test drive booked but limited knowledge but he asked how long I wanted to test drive & I asked for 24 hrs in the new C4 – whuch he accommodated

    I honestly expected dealerships to be busy, I live in an area with the fish population is 185k people but each of the 5 dealerships I visited on weds 14/4 I was the only ‘customer’ in the dealership at the times I visited

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    Menorca Mike

    24 hours is great for a test drive you would really get to know the car

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Definitely makes a difference and extended rest drives should be more common place / good practice – helps make a more informed choice. And goes a long way to assessing suitability, access and comfort for the individual needs

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    Imho motability should INSIST that to sell motability you must offer a 24 hour test drive within reason (ie if a car is brand new & there’s huge demand for test drives it could be waived). The fact they’re so wishy washy over it & the manufactures wash their hands of any responsibility saying its down to dealers too its quite frankly pathetic.

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