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    Test drove an id.3 today, family specification with the high power motor and 58kwh battery

    Very fast low speed l, all you need with regard to pull etc even on Eco. Did a mix of Motorway and town and B Roads. Very impressed with the drive and handling. Suspension a bit flattery over rough roads, but you could live with it. My only concern was the seat. I didn’t find it very comfortable although I didn’t do much to change it to fit me due to it being manual and bending down and reaching is difficult for me. I currently drive a Mazda cx5  with 19″ and I find the seats more comfortable. if you were to use the ID.3 for daily driving with the occasional long drive then you will be fine. Interior is modern but I agree with many reviews some of the materials are questionable, it was on the family trim anyway. I ended up my test drive  with more miles on the battery indicator than when I got in , so the person running the car must have a heavy foot



    Golf 8 GTD next.

    Cheers, all the very best


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    Funny enough I had a test drive in one and was pretty impressed, as were i am is all 60 b roads and a lot of motorways I tested it to its full, drove over 90 miles said when I left 190 miles got back with 110 and I was heavy, I as you do suspect the person before me had a heavier foot than me and I had lead feet for the test drive.

    I agree on the interior as well, but maybe the upper max and tour trims (expensive though) are better due to lumbar support and all electric adjustments. One thing I did like though was the fact even if you use android auto and google maps the car still shows direction arrows in speedo… also high trims have this, which is a true augmented sat nav. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQT5pRs0yCQ

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    Vaun Earl Norman

    Richie, I agree exactly with what you say, I think the more expensive trims might allow better setting up of seat comfort. I found the infotainment fairly easy to use and the slide function on volume and heating was easy despite loads of complaints on reviews.

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    Lets Get organised

    If Vw can come up with software that cheats on emissions test mode then its not hard to believe they could write software and I choose my words carefully for a test drive mode that would give a good impression of this new battery powered car that is the first electric only and the first car to kick of this new third generation of cats this is a very important car for VW and looks like they ate upto their old tricks again or it could be a software glitch which they are having a lot of problems with lately.


    I would insist on a few hours or half day drive before I would consider a car especially if it was using a different propulsion than what I am used to.


    The software issues vw are having is one reason why I am looking at cars other than Vw, current drive is Tiguan 2.0Tdi great car no software issues as it not on the new system

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    The ID.3 does have glitchy software and many reviewers picked up on this, an update is due (or has very recently happened).  The software will be fixed for the ID.4.  Also positive about many new EV’s as well is that software/firmware updates now happen over the air waves automatically and you do not have to take the car into the dealership.

    With regards mileage there are independent WLTP mileage figures which are the ones to look at. From what I have seen from online reviewers VW (and possibly other manufacturers) are overestimating by at least 10%, however, as EV’s are now in the 250-300+ mile range and the infrastructure of charging points is growing daily, I do not see this as a major issue – irritating, but not a deal breaker.

    I prefer the ID.3 to the ID.4 – just a shame about the boot space.  I don’t think VW have got the boot right in the ID.4 either – why cant they do level boot space – especially when the rear seats are folded as well and especially when Skoda can do it?  I would expect more from a new EV platform.

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    I will add to the above that the EV Database in some instances might provide a more realistic EV range – this gives a realistic range for the ID.3 1st 58kWh battery of about 215 miles, so you can get some big variations especially depending on the weather.

    Here’s the link to the ID.3 on the site:


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