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    Forget it seems like September has already been and gone. But I see Tesla are opening a showroom in Belfast.

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    I’m in Belfast and have seen 6 in the last week. That’s more than I have seen from they launched

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    Are these models coming on the scheme ?

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    72 Dudes

    No Simon, they’re not. A few on here wish they were, but the cheapest model is £43k, so no chance.

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    Just found this forum after researching cars with electric seats…… and then I saw this discussion and got all excited that Tesla was coming onto the scheme 😁

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    siLLY YOU should be on scheme for envirusmental reasons

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    Please explain…..

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    I’ll be leaving Motability next year to buy and (Hopefully) the last ever car I’ll own will be a Tesla.

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    Norman Palmer

    Unfortunately the only way to get a Tesla is to come off the Motability scheme.

    Tesla do not give discounts as they can sell every car that they produce so no need.

    Perhaps when their German factory starts production they may need to turn to sources other than private buyers.

    They do have plans to produce a compact car for less than $20,000 so this could be aa more reasonable proposition to leave Motability and buy direct, especially as Tesla do offer finance deals and leases.

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    theres probably more chance of the Rnage Rover evoque/ Jaguar EPace starting at 30k to come on the scheme rather than an Tesla. However, can’t see Land Rover/Jaguar ever putting one on the scheme.
    Heard they use to be on but people were kicking off and saying why they were allowing us to get them

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