techy advice please- music downloaded to usb

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      ok i am opening myself up for ridicule here. i have no idea about downloading music.

      quite a few years ago i moved all my cd’s and vinyl onto a laptop and sold the hifi etc.

      then i copied it to a usb to play in the car. which has been fine i play off the laptop at home and the usb in the car.

      recently i have had a hankering for some not so new music, beatles, fleetwood mac et al.

      i could buy the cd and copy it as before but i wonder can i just buy the track or album and put it direct on to the usb? i dont use a smart phone or have any apps.

      is it possible or do they tie you to their app etc.

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        Insert the usb drive directly into the usb port on your laptop

        Navigate to the location your music is saved

        Select the music files you want to download (*indvidually or as an album)

        Right click  (mouse pad) on the music files and click copy

        Navigate to the USB drive and click paste.

        *organising the music you want into a new folder onto your laptop, will enable you to (a) copy and paste the folder contents onto your USB drive or (b) right click on the mouse pad and click on “move to” and selct the drive you want to move them to.


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          You can also create albums if thats something you’d like to do by creating several folders on your laptop and moving or copying the to your USB drive.


            You can’t beat Spotify* for music. If you spend money on music it’s a no brainer. Oh hang on, you don’t have a smart phone**. Get a smart phone and immerse yourself in anything you want to listen to.

            * Other services are available, Tidal, Apple, Amazon and YouTube all spring to mind.

            ** Don’t you just hate it when someone suggests something you have already discounted, sorry.

            VW ID3 Max is my DD


              thanks guys i think ive sussed it via amazon at least.

              i want to avoid having to subscibe to a particular site and pay yet another subscription which would lock me in forever or lose the music.

              initially i thought amazon was the same when it said the music would be saved to your playlist on their site but then i realised there was a download option so i bought the beatles blue album as a test and it worked i was able to download it to the laptop then to a usb. so it looks like ive got at least one source. even then almost straight away i got an email encouraging me to pay 7.99 and subscibe to amazon music. lol.


                Well done @mitch.

                VW ID3 Max is my DD


                  I dont want to complicate things Mitch.

                  But you really really need to buy a couple of USB sticks and copy your music to each stick.

                  If your ONE USB stick gets corrupted, – which they DO over time, you wont have a back up.

                  It is good practice for you, if you done it once its good re-inforcement to do it again while still fresh in your memory.

                  If your music cataloge is on 2 USB sticks and your laptop as well….all the better.



                    @berty , actually thats what started all this i was changing usb sticks as i know they deteriorate over time and i noticed the new one had quite a bit of free space so i thought i would get some new music and the blue and red albums were being released. but then all i got were demands to subscribe to online playlists etc.

                    so i was panicking a bit. i dont want a smart phone or need one my blackberry sends and receives texts and makes and receives phone calls. so as long as it survives i will keep it and put £30 on it a year. i am not forking out hundreds on some fancy camera.


                      plus i am


                        I always dowload music to an hardrive first, sort into playlists/albims and then copy them over to a USB stick or SD card. That way if you loose your device or it becomes corrupted, there’s always a back up stored on a hardrive.

                        The same applies to your personal collection of CD’s & vinyl’s.


                          Most important bit

                          When finished


                          Eject the usb in the correct way


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