Started Christmas shopping?

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    Just got the nod, from Mrs brydo, that its time to start shopping for Christmas. I pointed out that we still have over two months to go but no, the pandemic, empty shelves, they’re be nothing left, Brexit and I’m sure she mentioned Trump lol. All the reasons to start now so Amazon I’m on my way.

    Just as an aside how much, total, do you spend on Xmas, do you have a budget or just “play it by ear”?

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
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    I don’t spend anything on Christmas. MrsW does and I try not to look at the bills.  It’s the only time of year she knows she can cast caution to the winds without me complaining.

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    Have been forced to start some xmas shopping because of Waitrose’s stupid xmas ordering dates. Now impossible to get a delivery in the week before the Great Event which, given that some Yuletide specialities not available after 22 Dec, means can’t get some stuff. Some xmas-specials, like hams and the like, already sold out. The holiday is over two months away – ridiculous!

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    ive cancelled xmas this year. no chance of getting anything so why bother.. kids and grandkids will get money; they can buy what they fancy

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    Menorca Mike

    Just had IKEA Christmas tree come in post having mince pie tonight I spend very little as I have a condition called tightness

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Crimbo shopping. Presents. Bank transfers. Food. Whatever’s available.

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    My daughters already had her Xmas present! train tickets and a rail card, she’s spending a week in Norwich with a friend from Uni and seeing Laura Marling tomorrow night.  Both the boys (well men now!) will get cash as usual.

    The only extra presents this year will be for our new cat!, the “Cat-mas” stocking will be getting hung up and filled with goodies for her 🙂

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    Well i always get something as i tell them what i want. My kids are used to me getting tools for my DIY duties, both in my house and their’s. Fathers Day this year a new electric drill and hammer drill, Birthday a paint spray gun, Christmas this year will be either a nail gun or a selection of drills, drill bits, and various general tools that need replaced.

    Of course a could give wee hints but much better to put your (christmas) cards on the table lol.

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