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    One of my named drivers has been given a speed awareness course, do I have to inform RSA Motability? Thanks

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    No not for a speed awareness course, only if they had got points 🙂

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    Correct answer @Richy

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    them awareness courses are a joke. The police stopped us for going too slow while it was heavy rain hail stones.

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    Yep that’s what I’ve heard, but as he says, he was speeding just, but it’s an accident black spot and they are quite strict there, thanks guys.

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    Lets Get organised

    Speaking from experience (doing 60 mph on the approach to Dartford crossing, had done for years despite the 50 mph signs got caught opted for the speed recognition course only to get the info in the post and realised my licence would expired before the course date so had the dilemma of current licence valid but by the time the course came around my licence would invalid. Should I renew and send off my previously valid licence or risk having no paperwork to show at course and be penalised. Anyway this had nothing to do with the question answered because lets talk about me


    I did find the course useful and as a result have looked at my driving with a fresh pair of eyes I see a lot more potential for an incident to occur and take pre meditated defensive action before an accident happens it will give you if willing to learn long range hazard perception.


    However it is like taking candy from a baby and with the public finances in free fall the motorist is looking like an easy picking who would of thought that the state would turn into dick Turpin oh how the roles have reversed.




    your money or some points


    But the short answer is you get one crack at the speed awareness course and it has no effect on your or anyone’s insurance so like monopoly its a get out of jail but not quite free about £90 last time I did mine

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    It’s not really stealing from the motorist no one makes anyone speed, yes it can happen accidentally but I’ve learnt over the years & hundreds of thousands of miles speeding just stresses you out you get there no quicker over the course of a journey so I’ve slowed down & taje more care not to speed

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    @Richard , your right it does stress you out speeding, I’ve slowed down lots due to how wound up I was getting on drives,

    There’s a saying my dad uses when he used to be in the car with me

    ” Richy I want to get where I’m going ten minutes late not 40 years early!”

    When he first said it I was like eh? Then I thought about it for a minute and got it, the other one was I’d ask my mate, when he was driving where the fire was when we’d be hurtling towards a roundabout at eighty .

    I was never a good boy though , I will totally admit to that, it’s only recently I’ve calmed down a bit

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