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    Have anyone asked or handed their petrol/diesel car back early for an electric one, reason being for early release, To save the world…

    or if faced with the decision where you might only be able to order electric cars, would you try to extend your petrol/diesel transport for longer..

    possibly adding to destroying the planet…

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    Dougie Brimson

    If I were faced with the position of Motability only providing electric cars, I’d come off Motability.

    I was born a petrolhead, I’ll die a petrolhead.

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    Save the world or destroy the planet? I think someone signing himself ajn is just being a tad provocative.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Just a NIP.</p>

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    Who really pays for electric vehicles?

    Maybe it’s the hot weather making me bolshie this morning, but it’s a problem that isn’t going away any time soon: Electric cars are having a huge take up in technically developed ‘First World’ countries – Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australia etc.  Most lithium comes from ‘developing’ countries where only the richest 10% even have cars.

    Developing countries pay environmental cost of electric car batteries:


    Congo, Child Labour, and Your Electric Car:


    Child Labour, Toxic Leaks: the Price we (we?!) could pay for a Greener Future:

    When I read a news article telling me about the life of 7 year old Micheal Williams working in the Cornish lithium mines, or 5 year old Heidi digging cobalt ore out of the ground with her bare hands in Norway, then we can discuss how great electric vehicles are and exactly who they’re Saving the Planet for.

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    That’s what I mean about different views of news Georgie, it’s not all about BBC o’clock..

    Its depressing reading, but how amazing it’s almost ignored..


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    Careful Dougie you might get called pathetic or small, I’m quite happy to prove otherwise and comfortable in the knowledge of opening many eyes of surprise when need be 😂🤣..

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    Unfortunately, the majority of people are happy to have their world view formed by the main stream media and it’s agendas.  Anyone dissenting is branded a conspiracy theorist, or worse, a Trump supporter…

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    Would actually prefer an electric car to ICE. However, when I ordered latest Mota’ vehicle, suitable BEVs had much higher APs. Chip-shortage delays aside, if ordering now would most likely go for ID3. The simple “one-moving-part” nature of propulsion engine is so much nicer than the multiple moving bits of an ICE. Too many valves, pumps, and other uppy-downy bits. Only other concern is (future) availability of charging stations. Just cannot see enough being opened to meet demand. AND there’s this nonsense of having to have apps and mobile phone and gods know what else to recharge. All you should need is a slot for credit card and plug for electricity. Phone people and software conmen seem intent on charging us not only for electricity but also for the use of utterly unnecessary widgets to get it.

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    I don’t think it’s “amazing” that it’s being ignored, ajn – I think it’s intentional.

    How could the Government push for the UK ‘Going Electric’ by 2030 (EU by 2035) while acknowledging the ‘culturally distasteful but also living far, far away and anyway they’re only poor, brown people’ horror of just how appalling the lives of those EV ‘essential workers’ are?  Better to keep quiet and hope their electorate don’t read anything more intellectual or emotionally challenging (or in any way factual!) than The Sun, the Mail and the Daily Express.  That way, when confronted with the nasty facts, they can claim they ‘Had no idea’ how bad things really are – same as they always do.

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    @Tharg I too would prefer to change, I would’ve liked the xc40 that plugs in to electric or run on petrol, I think wigwam have got one on the way to him, great choice I think at this stage of change over..

    (don’t ask me the names or abbreviations I simply can’t take it all in) ..

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    I to think it’s all a bit rose coloured glasses and under the carpet reporting going on with electric vehicles Georgie…

    I guess as time goes on rights and wrongs will be exposed..

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