Seat Leon PHEV

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    Just seen this is available for £0 ap – excellent value. Has anyone on here ordered one and if so what delivery time were you quoted ? I am doing an early termination and unable to wait 6-12 months. Thanks in advance

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    John Morris

    Phone some dealers would be my advice. The car is also FR spec so I think it’s a superb deal. Fast as well.

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    Not same model but I have Ateca FR Sport on order. Placed order march was due delivery dune and I’m still waiting. I’ve been told my car is built but missing parts and no indication on when parts will be available. So I suspect Leon will be same too

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    John Morris

    We were lucky with our Ateca FR Sport dsg. Ordered beginning Jan and picked up 1st week in March. Amazing car which will be worth the wait.

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    I placed an order for The Leon e-HYBRID,  been told my car has been built but because of a computer chip shortage they can’t tell me when I will be receiving my car. The salesman did not mention this at all in our discussions and assured me the car would be ready, I even chose a colour I didn’t particularly like, just to obtain it faster, he told me 3 to 5 days wait if the car was available from the closest dealership, 20 days if they had to ship from a port. I went in on the 16th of July it’s now the 11th of August. I am left in limbo, not being able to be independent, having no access to doctors and hospital appointments other than taxis. I feel totally let down by a service that was meant to make my life a bit easier.

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    Seems strange to me that a car could be built with parts missing, especially integral parts like electronic modules.  They couldn’t be fully functionally tested before leaving the factory.  Where are the cars stored while waiting for the parts? And how and by whom are these missing parts going to be fitted?

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    You’re right Wigwam, surely a car couldn’t be built with parts missing?

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    I’ve seen that statement a few times now and have scratched my head as to how they just install a microchip just like that.

    Main processors in a computer maybe plug in but most everyday processors are an integral part on a circuit board so unless the circuit board itself is a slide in affair I think there might be some little white fibs going on here.

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    All the computerised parts I’ve seen in cars are sealed boxes with wiring loom connectors. There’s no way they can be assembled on a production line any other way. And they are mostly hidden within the car at construction. Getting at them to repair or replace usually involves a fair amount of dismantling.

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    I ordered this on the 28th of July , was told would be delivered 28th august with a build week 31 , when I contacted dealer ,0n the 25th august to check its progress . I was told that I hadn’t been built yet due to part issues  but would be first in line as build week  had past , still waiting to this day for any news . He said would be 4 weeks after he knows it’s been built . Could not give me any timeframe or anymore info . It’s frustrating

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