Seat Leon Delayed Indefinitely

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    Got a an email from the garage where we ordered the car back in December and they are saying all Seat Leons have been delayed with no time frame moving forwards.

    Seems VAG groups are having major issues.

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    Paul D

    For what reason?

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    Probably be semiconductor shortages

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    John Morris

    Can I ask what engine it is? My ateca 1.5tsi ordered 29/12 has been built and is awaiting transport to the UK. Is it the 2.0tsi because they are starting to use a newer, cleaner version of the engine and maybe vw getting first dibs

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    It is the 1.5tsi FR Sport

    The only proper Leon FR Sports built so far seem the be the PHEVS 204bhp as no others on Autotrader.

    I know they are having major issues with the full VAG cars new infotainment system. Maybe they are holding off producing more until they can get it fixed. Could be the semi conductor shortage as well.

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    Volkswagen Group’s Seat unit will cut production at its Spanish factory in Martorell, near Barcelona, because of a shortage of microchips.

    A production line that builds the Seat Leon and Cupra Leon compact cars, and the Cupra Formentor crossover, will work on two shifts per day instead of the current three from Jan. 25 until April, Seat said in an emailed statement on Wednesday.

    This will reduce the number of vehicles produced per day to 600 from 900, with a loss of 18,000 units over the period, according to the Spanish business daily Expansion.

    Some workers will be transferred to a production line that builds the Seat Ibiza small hatchback and Seat Arona small crossover, which will add a third shift because of high demand for those models, Seat said.

    The Ibiza and Arona are based on VW Group’s MQB-A0 platform, which is not affected by a global shortage of semiconductors.

    The remaining workers will be temporarily laid off.

    Seat says production of the missing units at Martorell should be recovered during the rest of 2021, unless there is further disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

    Seat told unions that its 2020 production will be down 30 percent to 350,000 after a two-month production stop early this year because of the pandemic, according to Spanish media.

    Production is expected to rise to 483,000 in 2021. Seat built an all-time high of 500,005 cars in Martorell in 2019.

    VW Group said on Dec. 18  that it is adjusting production in Europe, China and the U.S. because of a shortage of microchips. The move will affect production of VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat models based on VW Group’s MQB architecture. The platform underpins car such as the VW Golf, Audi A3 and Seat Leon.

    Semiconductor manufacturers reassigned their production capacities to other sectors such as consumer electronics during the slump in car sales earlier this year caused by the spread of COVID-19.

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    John Morris

    So I am lucky that the Ateca is built in the Czech Republic I guess. Mine is fr sport with same engine.

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    Paul D

    Waiting on Ateca 1.5 TSI FR Sport DSG . Ordered on 15/12/20 . Hopefully won’t be affected then !

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    John Morris

    No Paul. Its probably on the same transport as mine. Expected 1st week of march

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    John Morris

    No Paul. Its probably on the same transport as mine. Expected 1st week of march. Exact same spec as well. What colour did you go for? We went with rhodium grey.

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    Paul D

    Hi John . I have a Kuga 1.5 Titanium X  at the minute in grey  . So went for the white .

    Tested the new Kuga and Ateca and the Ateca was a much better handling car . So involving.

    Enjoy mate when you get it .

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    Paul D

    John , thanks for the heads up on the delivery time 👍

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    John Morris

    Yeah I have a 2020 nevada white 1.5tsi fr Manuel now so I know how good it is to drive. Needed to get a dsg for medical reasons so motability let us change after only 9 months. The extra £200 for the fr sport over the fr is well worth it. So much more kit including the electric heated leather seats and digital cockpit and wireless android auto is now standard as well.

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    Yeah the new Ateca FR Sport is absolutely stunning looking. I had the last shape Leon before my Clubman with is the same interior as the Ateca or else id of went for that.

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    Cheap as chips.

    £5,749 AP for a

    New SEAT Leon Estate e-Hybrid  XCELLENCE Lux 1.4 e-HYBRID DSG-auto 204PS

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