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    I ordered Seat Ateca, which has been 3 months overdue, just to be told vehicle has arrived however they have ordered wrong car although paperwork all correct, they have offered a different spec, not sure how this can be as vehicles built to order. What can I do


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    I would contact Motability. Is the spec better, worse, or just different to what you wanted?
    Don’t forget you are paying for it, and have to live with it for three years.

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    It is a different spec that is higher, although is petrol not diesel and not 4 drive, so the looks are slightly different, do you think they may have sold it, and just offered me alternative


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    Russ, you should contact Motability on 0300 456 4566 and explain what’s happened. They will make sure that the matter is sorted out, before you enter your pin number for a vehicle that does not match the one that you initially ordered.

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    Well if I’d ordered a diesel 4 wheel drive I certainly wouldn’t accept a petrol 2 wheel drive!

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    I assume you didn’t accept car and didn’t enter your PIN no.

    As stated above contact motability. You might end up reordering. The sad news they might not have any in stock, from other forums they sell everything they make, there is no surplus.

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    I’m reading a common theme here.

    It’s seeming to me like Seat are unreliable with their ordering and possibly selling Motability ordered cars to other customers.

    Its a shame there isn’t a Seat representative here to answer a few questions.

    Are they in trouble?

    Why the incompetence ?

    All makes for very poor reading. I was considering Seat next but I’m not so sure now.


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    From my 3 years experience with owning a Seat I can honestly say that I have never dealt with a more unprofessional company in my life, lied to at every turn during the order process, never returned a single phone call, sold the car I ordered and lied about it, have lied and bull s*****d me throughout the 3 years I have had to deal with them, I will never ever have one of their cars again.

    I actually saw my car in their compound and took a photo of the order with my name written on the car windshield but the next day they just said it was a mistake, I stopped the man that bought it on his way out of the car park 2 days later and he said he’d done a cash deal for it 4 days prior.

    Motability did nothing at all and let the dealer off scott free.

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    That’s terrible

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    We had a situation where we weren’t overly happy with the way we were treated by one particular dealership. We voted with our feet, and whilst we were happy to stay with the same brand when replacing the car, we were very clear that we wanted better service.

    We voiced our concerns to an alternative dealership who went over and above to secure our business, and their level of service has been superb ever since.

    We do have options just like any other customer and shouldn’t be shy of expecting good service just like any other customer.

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    I think it’s just another story of some dealers just not caring about mobility customers.

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    Well that’s my mind made up. I was interested in the Tarraco but I can’t be doing with lies and incompetence whilst ordering. All dealers are bad wrt correspondence, I know this, but I’d need to get even if they pi55ed me off. And sounds like they will for sure. When I’m feeling up to it I think I’m going to email Seat UK and see what they have to say.

    I’m from sales & marketing and if one thing really pushes my buttons, it’s the terrible service we get here in the UK. If I was to treat customers like this I’d have been sacked, and deservedly so.

    If anyone from SEAT ever reads this, NOT GOOD! ?

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I can’t lump all the “bad press” on just Seat’s shoulders as I’m due to change shortly I have been trying to get a test drive at my local Peugeot dealer(Evans Halshaw Wakefield) and have been unsuccessful on all 7 occasions, 4 of those I never even got to speak to anyone as they all ignored me completely.

    I contacted the Motability rep at Robins & Day in Sheffield(Nick Fitzgerald) a 30 mile drive and it has been night and day, totally worth the drive and just this morning I had a check up email from Nick just making sure I’m okay and to contact him if needed, nice to feel human.

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    That’s good

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    We ordered our Ateca in March this year and were given no feedback at all on the order process. My PIP award was due to be reviewed by March next year. I couldn’t get any idea at all of when ‘our’ Ateca would be delivered. I got a bit panicked when I saw that some people were waiting for a long time and then having an order ‘cancelled’. I started contacting other dealers to see what might be available from stock and tracked one down at a dealer a long distance away. When contacted about cancelling the order, the original dealer said they had could get an Ateca but it wouldn’t be the trim, colour or engine we ordered and had a larger AP. For easiness sake I decided to accept that. Big mistake – the MPG is way off what Motability advertised, it has already had a number of problems and is currently at the dealer’s premises while they sort out a major water ingress issue. Really regret allowing myself being panicked into a bad decision.

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    it has already had a number of problems and is currently at the dealer’s premises while they sort out a major water ingress issue. Really regret allowing myself being panicked into a bad decision.

    Our Alhambra has been in the dealers twice for a water ingress problem, total time nearly two months, and it’s still not fixed.
    The first time I don’t think they even tested it, as I picked the car up on a Friday (they had it a month) and first thing Saturday morning it rained and leaked instantly from the same place.
    Second time, they had it 3 weeks, the car had oily finger prints all over the trim and it’s still leaking…
    The car goes back in a few months, not sure I can be bothered with all the hassle again unless it gets worse, it’s a 90 minute round trip every time and we never know what hire car we are going to get.
    Our next car probably won’t be a Seat for this reason, even though I like the look of the Terraco.

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    @Andy and Befoandc  Phone Motability, tell them the car is not fit for purpose due to manufacturers fault, at No point do you have to put up with an inferior vehicle, tell them it’s causing you distress and constant concern, you have every right to refuse the vehicle at NO cost to yourself! If it was a private lease it wouldn’t be exceptable, so it’s not exceptable to you. You pay a private company (Motability Operations) to lease the vehicle. It’s their issue and vehicle, don’t put up with it,    If private sale or you hired a car from Euro Cars/Enterprise etc and an issue was raised it gets returned and replaced at no cost to yourself. Let Motability deal with it, making sure you use the words your refusing the vehicle on grounds on not fit for purpose unless sorted and a suitable hire vehicle is supplied.

    @Russ unfortunately it would seem you’ve been subject to the All to common scenario where the dealership has sold the Motability vehicle to a private buyer. Make sure you let Motability know and hopefully they will fine and adjust thier back office system to reflect the bad service.

    should you require you can cancel order and go elsewhere, it may be worth contacting the next closest dealership to see what stock cars they have available if time is at the essence.  If your willing to wait for your new car (reordered) then fair play. I personally would walk away out of principle and order else where. I’m not sure how to stop it but reporting the ones that do to Motability is a start.


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    Thanks JS for the very helpful advice. My personal situation makes everything more complex. I live in a pretty remote location on an island. My wife (who is my named driver) has recently been unwell and has been unable to drive more than short distances. As I said my PIP review was due next spring so I wouldn’t be able to place another Motability order until that review has completed. In fact I’ve just received my review form so this complexity might be solved (one way or another) sooner than expected.

    So far Motability have been pretty good. Initially they reimbursed us for the cost of a cover for the Seat. They then arranged for a replacement vehicle to be delivered to the mainland and my wife took the Seat to the mainland from where it would be picked up, which involves a 45 minute drive from home, followed by a 50 minute ferry journey and then the same on the return with a total of an hour waiting at the terminal.

    Unfortunately (!) the logistics company ‘organising’ this messed up and my wife had a totally wasted journey! Shortly after this she became unwell and had a couple of nights in hospital. Motability arranged for the Seat to be collected and it was (a day early). They are also paying for our use of the local community transport – which we arranged. I have said that when/if my PIP is renewed I would be asking to change the car.

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