Seat Alteca Order Problems

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    ade harley

    Good afternoon all, after careful consideration and research, I have decided to opt for the 2.0d Seat Ateca Xperience lux DSG.
    I placed my order with the retailer on Friday 9th October, today I emailed the salesman today to be informed that they have not been able to place the order. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    shouldn’t be any problems unless its the dwp/mobility end of things ,do you have the enhanced mobility award and for more than 12 months and is it your first order

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    Lord Muc

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I think you need to call him and ask, why, thats nearly 3 weeks ago, the order should have gone through to motobility when you at the dealer, and you would have been given paperwork, did you pay a deposit, did he not advise you on a possible delivery date. You need to phone him, and find out. It is always recommended to phone the salesman, rather than email, are confident you have a decent rapport.</p>

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    Mike Charles

    What delivery date did you get? I just ordered a ateca FR sport TDI dsg and got told 8 to 10 weeks factory order but other dealers I phoned around told me 5 months. I have read somewhere that application approvals for new customers to scheme are taking longer than usual.

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    ade harley

    I was told 8 weeks but to be on the  safe side 10-12. The salesman also extended my present lease to 30 November. There’s no problem at motability side as I’ve already been sent my pin.

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    Recently ordered a” Seat Ateca Xperience Lux 2.0tsi DSG 4 Drive Black Magic” however, date for delivery 19th March 2021…5 months !!!.Now I know why the new Tiguan was not launched with the same engine 4motion DSG.Obviously the VW Group have issues with this engine (most likely Emissions).I will probably get to January and they will say they are not making them anymore or some other excuse.

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    Lord Muc

    Ade, it’s motobility, that’s extends your lease, have you had it confirmed by them, and for how long?

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    ade harley

    Motability have extended by 6 months initially. So that’s not a problem. I just don’t understand how it takes a main dealership two weeks to place an order.

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    Lord Muc

    Sorry, don’t understand it either, you will have to ask for an explanation, and see if they can improve on supply. The order, should have been placed straight away, and you would have been given paperwork, to confirm, the price and what you have to pay minus any deposit. They would also give an idea on delivery, if it’s stock or factory order. It could be that they have used your order to fulfil another customers order, but bear in mind new car deliveries wait times seem to getting longer.

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    Ade Harley

    Spoke to dealer yesterday and was informed that lead time on all ateca is now 10-12 weeks, and there appears that the 2.0 diesel engines are causing the dealer ordering system to return an error message.

    No new car for christmas for me.

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    Mike Charles

    I ordered a seat ateca fr sport TDI dsg 1 week ago, the dealer told me 8 weeks but can’t give me a date for delivery. Thinking I might cancel and get something in stock.

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    Put my application in on friday morning  accepted by 12pm same day  on mobility

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    Tony, that’s an incredibly swift turnaround. It took a best part of 48hrs for Motability to accept my Mother’s most recent order and she has a clean record with them.

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    When I placed an order for my CX5 about this time 2 years ago, the acceptance came back when I was still sitting talking to the dealer. Mind you, the car didn’t arrive until May!!

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    Lord Muc

    It’s all done on line, at the dealer, acceptance should be virtually instant, unless there is a problem with insurance or maybe a first car.

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    ade harley

    Have had a email from dealer today, they have still been unable to order 2.0 Tdi, so in desperation have changed my order to the 1.5tsi and the order has gone through.
    I await my delivery date.

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    Paul D

    From what I’m hearing the 1.5 tsi version is the one to get .

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