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    Just wondering if anyone has been given a choice of vehicle registration numbers when ordering a new car?

    I’m not sure if dealerships apply for single registration numbers as cars are ordered or do they get blocks of numbers and then allocate them to cars.

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    They will normally have a block of numbers – if you ask, you might get to choose from handful but of course it will only be the last three letters that will differ slightly.

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    Never had a choice was only told the registration on phone call to say it was at dealers and can collect in 3 days time

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    Menorca Mike

    I never had a choice too

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    I asked for a list of reg numbers on my last two leases and was able to select a good one both times (easy to remember, lol)

    My last one had already been pre allocated but I insisted on changing it as it was just a jumble.

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    Lee Bengough

    I could use too with my Citroën Dealer but they can’t do it anymore now it’s auto generated and they are telling the truth as 2 other vehicles each side of my reg are totally different manufacturers where as before they were always Citroen’s.

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    I’m just waiting for my next car to be delivered to the dealership and have been told that I can have a list of plates to choose from. I was also told the same thing last time but the dealer said he was tight on time to get the car ready for me as quickly as possible so just chose what he thought was the best. I think it depends on the dealer if they can be bothered with it to be honest.

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    My new dealership have said they no longer have an in-house admin team and now all the registrations go through ‘a hub’ so it looks as that I’ll have to manage with what I get.


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