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    What  a bad quarter Q2 has been,  just wondering if anybody had heard of any new additions for Q3, we could really do with some good news for a change.

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    Remember someone posting somewhere recently saying a VW dealer told them their prices are going up but who knows

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    Glos Guy

    In the current climate, where the majority of manufacturers are being affected to a greater or lesser degree by the semiconductor (chip) shortage – even if not all of them are being completely up front about it – I think we are unlikely to see major changes, unfortunately.

    I suspect that we will see a continuation of the recent trends, namely diesels being priced very high to deter us from getting them, more PHEV’s and a few more electric cars thrown in for good measure. AP’s will continue to follow no logic, with some going up massively and others dropping massively, all for no obvious reason other than to please some and irritate others!

    I would like to think that we will start to see a difference as a result of the new CEO at Motability Operations, with far greater choice especially of larger vehicles (as per one of the recommendations in the govt sponsored review of Motability), but all we have seen so far are those TV ads targeting the two-thirds of higher rate mobility PIP recipients who use the benefit for other things than a Motability vehicle. I suspect that Q3 will be a damp squib, but I live in hope and look forward to being pleasantly surprised!

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    For how long will they use the semiconductor shortage as an excuse? I’ve been hearing it for a year now. I don’t get it.

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    Glos Guy

    For how long will they use the semiconductor shortage as an excuse? I’ve been hearing it for a year now. I don’t get it.

    It’s not an excuse, it’s very real. I can’t remember the exact number, but there are less than a handful of major production plants for semiconductor chips in the world. A few of them had to close during the pandemic and one in the USA was wiped out by, if I recall correctly, a fire.

    During the pandemic, car production almost stopped and demand for mobile devices (phones, tablets etc) went through the roof as so many people worked from home or were just spending more time at home. Car manufacturers use older chips whereas mobile / tablet manufacturers use the latest chips, which are significantly more expensive and more profitable. Consequently. the remaining semiconductor manufacturers switched the emphasis of their production lines to these. Production of the cheaper, less profitable chips used in cars dried up and when the car manufacturers eventually cranked production up again there was a major supply shortage of the chips that they use.

    The chip manufacturers have stuck with where the money is and haven’t rushed to switch their production back to those used in cars so, whilst there is supply now, it is not meeting demand. Ford, as just one example, have had to cancel the manufacture of several million cars. Industry experts see this problem extending into 2022.

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    Clipped wings

    It is not an excuse, sadly, but very real. There are many diverse factors such as a severe drought in Taiwan – a major global producer. Chip Manufacture requires a large quantity of water to wash the layers of metals. Monsoon season imminent!  An outbreak of the Indian variant ( woke name Delta) in Shenzhen and Guangzhou which has shut factories and caused huge delays in shipping from the ports. Attempts to truck vital products to Hong Kong instead thwarted by strict border controls. Former colleagues have been flying 777-300s passenger jets as freighters to supply BMW’s Spartanburg factory in South Carolina – over 40 tons a pop of vital just in time components. Container costs are through the roof and eventually the customer will pay. Imho, the chip shortage will be a reallity for many months to come.

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    Clipped wings

    Posts crossed, Glos Guy!

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    What’s the chances of the Audi Q4 ever coming on? I say slim to none lol

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    Cost of new cars is increasing across the board and inflation is going to go through the roof with the ever increases in cost.

    One area that should be good news for we Motability customers is the increase cost of the used car market that should put more money in Motability’s pocket but will we see that in lower AP’s I wonder.


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