Perfect Storm

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    There has been lots of unhappiness on here over the current low numbers on the scheme, problem is, we’ve been hit by a Perfect Storm.

    COVID has reduced output, but I think the big problem is the new EU regulations over emissions, hence the higher powered engines disappearing.

    ”To encourage a switch to low- and zero-emissions vehicles, the EU introduced tough new CO2 emissions rules for 2020, based on a fleet average of 95g/km, with firms allowed to ‘pool’ their emissions towards single targets.”

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    Reckon you’re on to something there, intranicity. Can see any other reason why VAG, for example, seem to have removed the 2.0L four cylinder engine with around 200bhp from most of line-up. Great pity. That engine mated to the firm’s auto box was a brilliant combination.

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    Indeed i had an A3 sportback and a tiguan as hire cars for a week both with the 2.ol engines and the dsg and it is a big shame, what is happening to the world we live in and the direction we being forced in..

    Plus all this build back better from the elites, i smells a rat.. The thing is there alot worse things than co2 but it seems they never get a mention and geologist have a total different view to it all than meteorologist.

    Do you look at longer periods of the planet or shorter ones to see what is going on..?

    It was worse when cars was kicking out lead..

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