Pathetic test drive opportunity

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    So bearing in mind that it’s a £30k+car this is the reply from a local Hyundai garage when asking about a test drive in a Kona

    “Thank you for your enquiry ,we have a set test drive route. We can extended that but first we need to make it is the right vehicle for you”

    Well that’s me told then. What good is trying a car in a town/city centre when you live rural coastal & that’s where you do all your driving.

    Waiting to hear from the other nearby dealer, they’re both about 30 miles away in opposite directions. When was looking for the late MiL we test drove a Grand Cmax & Ford dealer gave me the keys at 9am & said be back by 5pm.

    How can you be expected to commit to 3 years & a LOT of money after a short test drive with sales person with you telling you where to go? If I can’t do better than that guess I’ll be sticking with my 2005 Grand Voyager & staying off the scheme. Sorry bit ranty but that email just really annoyed me.

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    That’s an odd thing to say “we need to make it is the right vehicle for you” as your the only one to know that.




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    Very strange- can you post the email in full just to make sure you haven’t taken it out of context?

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    Can’t be worse than both our Skoda and VW dealership, Skoda dealership just bluntly refused us a test drive, the VW did not have a demonstrator?

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    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    I was offered a test drive by my local Peugeot dealer. I was told the only way to test drive a car before 12 April was to pay a £90 deposit which would then either go towards my AP or be refunded if I decided not to proceed. I didn’t want all the hassle of going through the refund process so decided to wait it out.

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    It beggars believe how bad some accredited Motsbility dealerships are – I keep calling for an overhaul of the accreditation scheme, to be more robust and properly monitored / reviewed – in addition to a firm of ad hoc ‘mystery shopper’ type programme.

    But I’ve never heard off and very bad practice / unprofessional to ask for a £90 deposit for a test drive – that’s taking the proverbial – I’d inform Motability Operations as that’s way below any service standard

    I’ve always had to push for longer test drives and my own route or more- albeit I appreciate under the current circumstances it’ll be harder to do so – I think once dealerships reopen fully and of no further lockdown test drives will be easier to organise 🤞🤞

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    Other than greetings we’ll be in touch in April 12th etc that IS the entire email. There’s nothing to take any other way.

    I’ve tweeted it to both hyundai & motability see if anyone cares to comment.

    Can’t believe the difference when Vauxhall will deliver you a car for 3 days & this hyundai garage won’t leave you alone with it. Esp the right vehicle not strikes me as incredibly patronising, you wouldn’t say that to someone going in to “buy” one.

    Wait & see what the other nearby dealer says next, both are 30 miles away so either is fine to go to, failing that will try further afield & see who gets the order.

    Seriously considering going back to the MG ZS as a dealer is 6 miles away, rather have the Kona tho

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    Thinking about it the salesman in the car would currently be illegal too would it not?

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    Ah, that sucks Richard! My local Renault centre allowed me to have a 5 minute, 0.6 mile total test drive in a diesel Kadjar back in 2017 and then decided the car wasn’t “right” for us.

    I liked the gearbox/engine combination…

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m shocked how many are coming out with similar & to have a salesperson say no not suitable, who the hell do they think they are?</p>
    Do they say the same to others looking to buy? Surely jnkess they can justify that stance with facts it’s discrimination?

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    When i test drove my soul the same thing happened, they are not allowed in the car with you so they have a set route and you follow the salesman in another car. It`s all down to social distance guidelines unfortunately. I did ask why i could not just drive off for a few hours then bring it back but he said head office had forbidden it due to some cars been stolen, guess we just have to adapt like everyone else. I did however speak to motability and they said due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic if for any reason i was not happy with the car they would consider changing it, cant say fairer than that, however im over the moon with it so its not really an issue

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    John Newton

    My Mercedes dealer just let us have the car and said take as long as we needed, it baffles me why they think ten minutes is enough time to decide. I spend longer picking my holiday.

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