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      As some of you may know  not so long ago i crashed my new Ford Kuga.

      In fact i crashed it the day after collecting it from the dealership.

      Thankfully the damage was light (i smashed one of my wing mirrors)

      But, the crash really shook my confidence.

      So much so i called Motability and discussed handing it back – which they kindly agreed to)

      My issue with the Kuga was its width (i’ve always driven smaller & narrower cars) so after the accident i convinced myself that i needed a narrower car.

      Then @MickC posted a comment here reminding me that there’s a switch that i can press to close the wing mirrors in a tight squeeze.

      Well, that rather innocuous little comment from MickC was a game-changer for me!

      All thoughts about handing my Kuga back quickly vanished and i’ve been happily pressing that little switch anytime i see oncoming traffic that could be too close for comfort.


      The only reason i’m still in my awesome Ford Kuga is because of MickC !

      Thank you @MickC



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        @Gee i am truly humbled by your kind words.

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