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    Melanie Hodges

    Hi all,

    because of various health issues and mobility problems, I’ve identified the new Sportage as meeting all requirements, but with the huge increase in AP, plus needing an automatic transmission, I have had to apply for a grant from motability to help with the AP as there is no way I can raise enough to pay for it.
    I have another 6 weeks (allegedly) before I find out if I’ve been awarded any help, but am wondering if a) anyone else has applied or received a grant and b) anyone knows the waiting time for the car to arrive.
    Thanks in advance

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    I received a generic C segment grant last year and was told to look at alternative cars they deemed suitable or have the entry level of the one I wanted which was not suitable. I had to put up a fight to get the generic grant and top up myself more than the 50% they allow. Where as others have received a grant for the full AP for a top of the range car. In my opinion they will want to offer the bare minimum on what information you have put on the application form and to which advisor you get on the day to whether they will offer more. Unfortunately its a case by case  situation, but it is defiantly worth applying for.

    The Sportage waiting times your looking at the end of the tear depending when you put your order in. There is a thread on here with approximate times.

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    Hi @Melanie Hodges, firstly I hope the car you want hasn’t been taken off the scheme in 6 weeks. Not there is any speculation it might and I think the non-HEV version won’t be too popular with private customers, but the way it is at the moment cars can be removed without warning.

    On the KIA owners forum, the latest person to order a MHEV GT Line S was given a date of ‘around September/October’. I ordered mine on 27th April and was told July/August by salesman, but order form showed 30 September 2022. These dates are guesses. Once it has been allocated a VIN, then a quite accurate date is given.

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    Melanie Hodges

    Thank you both for your help. I am concerned the longer I leave it to order, the more chance it will no longer be available on the scheme.
    As for the grant, I was told 6-8 weeks waiting time so all I can do now is keep my fingers crossed and hope

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    I have the fhev sportage on order, but may cancel it after test drive of the 308 phev sw tomorrow depends if I can handle the lower height.

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    Melanie Hodges

    I test drove the 3008, which I had wanted the last time but was put off by the high AP but was told this time that waiting time could be up to a year

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