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    With everything being so glum and depressing, I had one bright spot when collecting new Mota’ car. Was last “normal” act before totally self-isolating and had to be done or Mrs T would not have vehicle should I become unable to drive (previous one not suitable for her). So girded loins and set off to Mini dealer to get 3-door Cooper S.  Chandlers BMW could not have been more helpful through the whole process; kept me fully informed; made sure car had all the bits I needed. Even filled it up with fuel! So V happy with dealer and more than V happy with car. You don’t get into this vehicle; you strap it to your back and let it take you away. Driving is precision sharp and most enjoyable. Real “point and go”. Ridiculous, but fun, exhaust noise.

    Was a bit intimidated with all the lights, bells and whistles but the computery control thingeys are quite intuitive to use. I have even got used to the eccentric BMW indicator stalk.  I chose the two-door set-up because it is easier to get in and out and, despite looking small, the interior is roomy and comfy. So, very happy with my choice and would recommend to anyone who enjoys driving.

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    thats great  so mini or bmw

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    wakey wakey martino, mini dealer 3 dr cooper s. lol

    reckon youve got the virus mate.

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    tharg, they are fun thats for sure. ive just changed from the 3dr cooper 7 auto a special edition they did.

    only had the 1.5 engine but still great fun.

    i agree the stalks are a bit over complicated a lot of functions on each one and the 3 click indicator takes some getting used to.

    ive just changed to the countryman cooper s auto so all the controls are the same although the gear stick is different and it has an electronic handbrake which i am strugling with a bit. dont know why probably just brain fade on my part. but its brill, i just couldnt get in and out of the 3dr since my back popped. otherwise i would have kept it for the full term.

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    Yeah, Mitch, know what you mean. Was worried about the entry-exit issue with the Mini but tried it from every angle I could think of and it seems to work. As said, longer door opening a great help. Re stalks, I have only mastered the indicator bit so far. It didn’t like self-cancelling and refused to be “pushed” off until I got the touch-pressure exactly right. Hope it doesn’t rain soon or I’ll have to work out the wipers!

    Was concerned that such a generous engine driving front wheels in a light car would be an issue. Seems I was wrong … has not scrabbled for grip out of a corner at all. There again, have been very gentle with everything thus far. Nevertheless, it does go where you point it with great precision and makes you smile as it does so.

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    Nice car for sure we have a 69 plate one in the household but ouch the pain, I need a couple of days to recover when ever I’ve been out in it.
    such a shame my body won’t allow me to enjoy anything remotely sporty anymore.

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    Yup, philjb – know what you mean.Springey thingeys are seriously firm which is why I bought the add-on adjustable suspension. Makes life a bit more comfy but remains firm nonetheless.

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    Tart – hasn’t moved for many days now; but still looks like it’s  going somewhere purposefully. Mitch – have you got a snap of Big Tart?



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    this is the old one mini 3dr auto 7 chilli cooper


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    this is the new one countryman cooper s auto


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    Cheers, Mitch. Love the BRG, really does suit Minis. In 1976 I had a “special edition” Issigonis one in “Brooklands Green” (same as BRG). Was, apparently the first Special Edn type for the marque, with mad orange stripe seats (from MGs) and cute coachline along waist. All of which makes it extremely collectible – one in decent nick now will set you back £15,000!


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    yes i admit i rather like brg, i had a mgtf stepspeed the auto version for a good few years wouldnt be able to get in/out of it now

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