Motorline anyone ?

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    Has anyone here used this dealer?

    I dropped my grandson down to the local VW dealer in Bristol for his car to be serviced (not Motability) , this dealer is one I’ve used myself in the past and will be doing so in 5 months time however…

    While I was sitting waiting for him to do his business I noticed a brand new showroom about to be opened next door to the VW dealer, at this time there are no cars in the showroom but they look very near to opening and maybe waiting for the lockdown to be eased.

    When I got back home I did a bit of research on Motorline and they say they are Motability accredited. They say they do deals on VW, Nissan, Toyota, Peugeot, Hyundai, Skoda and Audi so a lot of choice under one roof however though they say they do deals when I checked my next likely car, the VW Touran it was the same AP as the the Motability book price.

    So has anyone used these guys and do you approach them for a deal or do they publish something as it says on their site to keep checking back for new deals but like I said, there none for the Touran but would  love to hear if anyone has had any dealing with this lot and how they got on.



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    Hi ChrisK, I have checked the offers via motorline and then relayed the info to the dealership for the specified offer/vehicle. I think it is up to the dealer if they apply that offer or not but you can always go elsewhere (ring and confirm if they will apply it). Hope this helps 🙂

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    Which Mobility Car

    I believe motorline are using the word ‘offer’ incorrectly, probably intending to confuse us as we equate ‘offer’ as ‘deal’ or ‘discount’ while they just mean price through motability. It enables them to get more ‘hits’ through the search engines.

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    Yes, as WMC says, a lot of Motability dealers use the terms ‘offer’ or ‘deal’ or ‘special’ etc on their websites when in fact their ‘offer’, ‘deal’ or ‘special’ is in fact the normal Motability book price, dressed up to make it look like a special offer.  Total ‘click bait’.

    When I run my little algorithm that searches for offers and deals on Motability, it is surprising the number of dealers who do this ‘trick’ and it is infuriating. Certain chain franchises are quite prolific at it.

    Before posting offers in the deals and offers thread, I check that it is a genuine ‘money off’ or cashback deal and that it is current. As another trick they do is leave their former genuine offer pages ‘live’, so a search picks them up but in fact the offer has expired (or in at least one case, never existed at all). However, some may be useful, as they can sometimes be used as a lever – by the customer saying ‘’you were offering so and so last quarter, can you match it this quarter’’? Nothing ventured etc….

    The only potentially current Motorline offer I can find is the ‘claim upto £250cashback on Audi’ – T&C’s apply – the only problem is the T&C’s are nowhere to be found on their website, nor any associated offer dates (it has been on their website for a few quarters). Plus, being an ‘upto’ offer it could mean they give 50p off the model you want:

    They did have in the recent past the general ‘Hyundai Ioniq £1099 off the AP’ offer that was running almost everywhere in Q3 2020 but I haven’t found any other offers or deals from them.

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    Yep that’s the way it looks, their just using the Motability general AP prices and calling them an offer where in truth it’s the Motability offer not the dealers.


    With the VW and Motorline showrooms right next to each other I thought for a minute come July I was going to have a great time playing the two against each other but I did have in mind that the local VW dealer is franchised to VW so a preferred dealer anyway.

    When I enquired about my last car with my local VW dealer they would not budged an inch on the AP of the Touran so went to the south Oxford dealer and got £500 off the AP but I think those Oxford deals have dried up for now but the manager of my local VW rang me a few days after I ordered in Oxford asking why I didn’t order with them.

    I told them it was because of the no deal and even being offered something, anything, a tank of fuel or a VW umbrella, anything then I went on to say remember me in 3 years time when I cast a shadow across your doors again and that time is nearing but don’t expect anything has changed.

    With all that coming and goings I cancelled the Touran because of delivery problem and got a KIA so no VW winners in the end and I lost too because I lost £500 but could not wait 9 months for delivery of the Touran although 9 months seems to have become the normal now but at least the KIA Carens is a capable car for my needs so waiting is not so much a problem this time around.

    I will keep Motorline in my sights when I go to the local VW dealer is a few months but I’m more less sure the franchise dealer will get the business umbrella or no umbrella. 😁

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    Hi Chris are you still active in “upgrading mobility scooter to Lipo”


    Upgrading std Scooter Batteries to Li-ion Batteries

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