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    Saw the add this afternoon on the box. 1st time I have ever seen them advertise, they state  thay have  appx 630 000 members,  that´s around 15 000 new cars every month based on a 42 months lease.

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    Also running ads on YouTube

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    Absolute joke, how much is that advert costing Motability users? No wonder advanced payments on automatics are so expensive. Surely anyone who receives PIP or DLA and needs a car, knows about the scheme.

    I guess you can afford adverts like this when you are sat on hundreds of millions cash. #LastMotabilityCar

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    Glos Guy

    I haven’t seen the ad yet, but only one third of those people eligible to join the scheme chose to do so. The remaining two-thirds use their benefits for other reasons (e.g. living expenses or to run a car privately), but a proportion will be unaware of the scheme and I guess it’s this latter group that they are going after. The parliamentary report into Motability last year suggested that they should target these customers, but the same report also said that there should be a greater choice of larger cars (needed by those who have to cart around wheelchairs, scooters etc) and lower priced automatics, but I suspect that we will have to wait longer for those recommendations to be adopted, if indeed they ever are!

    Sadly, I fear that TV adverts will increase some of the animosity towards those who have Motability cars. Only recently someone commented to me that “it’s alright for Motability customers getting a ‘free’ car every 3 years”. When I explained that our ‘free’ car actually costs us around £15,000 (£10,000 sacrificed benefits plus Advance Purchase plus options) and after 3 years we hand it back and have nothing to show for it, unlike those who have private cars, he changed his opinion!

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    Great so now we’ll have the old “free cars” scandal again before long.

    How utterly stupid I’m sure I had a leaflet about Motability either with my award or in the post shortly afterwards. Are/is someone going to take an advert out next advertising the free or 50% VED? No, so why do so with motability.

    As suggested instead of wasting that money on advertising cut the AP on Autos or at the least get some quality partnerships going like discounted broadband, mobiles, cut price car washes. When I worked for Norfolk county Council we had an intranet portal with loads of negotiated deals on stuff like 10% off in restaurants like Bella Italia, a free side in pizza hut, 10% discount at etyres stuff like that why can’t motability setup something like that for extra help.

    Getting discounts off days out etc is always good & would be a nice little touch

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    I chuckle a bit at this, but all valid points apart from the discount on days out, we kind of get that already with our carers normally going for free, I am a Chelsea fan and before the pandemic as a disabled member I got 3 tickets a year free for me and my carer and thos were front close to action seats.

    As I said most valid points but last one is a bit greedy 🤣

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    Not everyone gets carers go free it’s a really awkward one to “claim” with no easy way to prove it some places like certain theme parks want your inside leg measurement to even think about it, others just take your word for it like the whole “registered disabled” rubbish.

    Not all places even offer carers go free either. It was more an example, we don’t need a discount on tyres either but that was an example of the offers.

    Could be cashback on buying x, 6 months free when you sign up for a supermarket delivery plan, use your imagination, none of this has to cost motability anything as its essentially free advertising.

    Anyway it was an example of what they could be doing that’s actually useful instead of giving the daily mail readers more flipping ammo again.

    As for greedy, not really, all offers like this exist already in some cases. Santander has stuff like this in their banking app plus I appreciate we’re getting pip but “we” also have a much harder life, much higher expenses etc. Also using theme parks as a example yeah you get a carer in free but you’re not necessarily getting the same “value” as others so the park is not really losing out.

    Anyway it wasn’t a list of what they should do just an example of creative out of the box thinking that could benefit & make a difference to lives, just because one is ok others might be really struggling counting every penny & a little discount etc might mean the difference between a family day out or not you know?

    When I was rushed into hospital for 2 weeks a few years ago, discharged & then immediately readmitted because they had no clue what was wrong a local lady turned up in the doorstep with a dozen bags of shopping, made me & wife burst into tears sometimes we all need a little help.

    No offence not trying to have a go about this I’ve only just woken up got a migraine & taken a Sumatriptan so bit woozy plus has vaccine yesterday so if I come across as an ar*e then I apologise.

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    its ok we have different opinions on this, but I as I stated I agree with everything else apart from the last part as there are plenty of places that offer free carer on days out and proof is normally a badge, or letter of award or letter of carer award, which I don’t see as a harmful request, even chelsea football club ask for ni so they can check your status officially before giving you disabled membership.

    if they did not ask for the proof, then its fair too say its fair.. most theme parks you do get value at as you will get priority queue too as well included in that which is a discount as well… Yes our live are hard, yes somedays days can seem like months due to issues, but there are a lot of places that do bend over backwards to try to be accomidating.

    As I originally stated I agree with every other point, I am 100% annoyed that they do adverts, donate to other charity’s when they were setup to help disabled people be mobile, yet they keep putting pricing up, bigger car choice is limited, I have seen some members go private because of it, someone that wants heated seats, steering wheel and extras in a large car and hybrid at the moment decent spec is around 3000+ ap, then add that to the 15k, your upto 18k over 3 years, then on even a PCP deal which you can find if you hunt enough 0% ones you would be left owing 12 k on a 30k car and end of PCP if you finance that out then your another 3 years of not motability (bear in mind your be paying out insurance and maintenance and breakdown service on top) I would not count tires as its very rare I have had a tire change in all the years

    but yes your spend a little more every year, but in 5 to 6 years you own the car of your choosing, (which would be roughly same time time you would keep a motobility car for if you spent 3k AP plus on it, of course unless your rich enough you will be 200+ better off a month which is more than enough to cover future maintenance costs and own your car.

    I can see why others are doing it tbh, its a long term plan for them, but they see it as the best choice, Motability need to just do the right thing I believe and stop classing things like seat heating and steering wheel heating and electric tailgates and electric seats as luxury items, as some of us cant live without them, also the surround view. do you know how much less I have suffered with having that, no more keep spinning the neck round every other way while parking, my neck and body loves it.

    many valid points you have, but I cant agree on discount on days out as I said, as I have no trouble with no discount if my carer is free.

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    Didn’t I read last year or the year before that the DWP we’re sending out info about the scheme to all higher rate PIP persons.

    The DWP know all the folk who are entitled but don’t subscribe so if that hasn’t worked I’m not sure spending our money on advertising that only benefiting the TV companies.

    That wouldn’t be so bad if the TV companies gave us something in return but as freeview / freesat go, their programming for we old folk leaves a lot to be desired so I for one are more likely be watching Prime or Netflix advert free.

    The way to encourage new customers IMO is to make the system of dealerships front end contact better. Although I’ve never had really really bad service from dealers I have often had the lack of interest from dealers as soon as I mention Motability so can you imagine a new costumer getting the cold shoulder five minutes after visiting a showroom and what they’ed think. I’m sure there’s loads of possible Motability customers read the threads on this site everyday and are put off by some of our experiences written here with regards to dealerships.

    Just about to post then another thought came to mind, It doesn’t help if your an unfortunate customer who invest in a Motability car while having the threat of a letter through the door for a review of your award. If I knew what I was going to be put through when some posh boys decide to change DLA to PIP then move the goalpost to save money I would have never joined Motability and would have bought my own car as I did for 37 years before becoming disabled.

    That threat of being an easy target for saving money still hangs over all of us with HR PIP and another goalpost attack could come out of the woodwork at anytime in future so my advise now would be get a car privately and use your award to pay for it then at least if anything does change in future you’ve still got a car.

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    Well over 100,000 people have lost their motability car under the new PIP rules, this high figure alone should have been enough for changes to be made to PIP as this would have meant that the predecessors to PIP (DVLA) was one of the most incompetent bodies ever in this country – or could it be that PIP has just got its “rules” wrong and that the people that support it just don’t care as they are so heartless and uncaring about the thousands of lives that they have ruined (and the countless deaths that their policies have caused).

    It is no wonder that Motability want to increase their numbers again as I would assume that more members means more power to Motability?  I just had a quick look at the advert and it is in conjuntion with Vauxhall – a “British” car manufacturer (a car company that at least still makes cars in this country) and so I guess it benefits the UK as a whole.  Maybe their could be some extra discounted scheme purely for cars manufactured in this country – although that would really limit the choices perhaps!

    The advert will of course give angst to those ignorant people who still seem to think that a motability car is free.  I remember taking the tough decision to get rid of my car before we went onto the scheme, knowing that we would be spending thousands each year with nothing to show for it and once you are on the scheme it is difficult to get off it as you no longer have a car to trade or sell.

    Countless times I have done the sums to look at coming off the scheme but the initial cost of having to buy a reliable car (and pay for that somehow) makes it practically impossible to come off the scheme, so I can understand why people might be reluctant to join.

    Maybe there should actually be more help for those that want to get off the scheme?  I know that you can purchase your car after your 3 year lease (apparently VAT free according to my previous calls to Motability), however, I guess this might lead to even lower numbers on Motability?

    I just hope that they are monitoring the response to the advert but I think it could maybe show how out of touch Motability is with the real financial difficulties that many disabled people are having and that given the chance maybe more would like the help to purchase a car and get off the scheme?

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    This just seems like a stupid own goal to me. It will have ruffled the feathers of Littlejohn and the Daily Fail readers so we can expect another backlash with Motability caving in to them once again.

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    not seen the advert but heard it on the radio today.

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    I heard it as well. The TV ad is a bit wishy washy.

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    This advert was on last year and I wrote to Vauxhall about it.

    According to the PIP activities you need 12 points to qualify for higher level mobility payment which is required for a car. For what I can see two of the people in the advert shouldn’t qualify – if someone can ‘plan and follow the route of a journey unaided they would score 0 points, the only other qualifying  question would only give them 12 points if they can’t stand at all or can’t move more that 20 metres.

    Needless to say I got no response from Vauxhall.

    And yes, it is sour grapes, despite my wife claiming DLA for fifteen years and suffering from crippling rheumatoid arthritis she was reassessed for PIP as having no mobility issues and had to send her car back.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>DLA for 25 years, pip comes along got nothing, appealing and then got standard. Still had to take car back. I won’t be using motability anymore, after 25 years and then the rich conservatives government change the rules to cut costs. No wonder they advertise. My scoliosis haven’t gone overnight. Parents got used car for me and now using that. Bye Bye motability, won’t be back because my condition will get worse as I am getting older, also 3 years from now have to start the process again. So might as well have a private car now. Having a motability car for 25 years and nothing to show for it, as it’s not yours anyway. So now happy to have private car and at least I can say it’s mine. Motability losing customers and that’s why they advertising.</p>

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    It’s not just the ability to do said activity it’s the ability to do so safely & repeatedly. So if you could do so once & then fall apart you’d still qualify. There’s a lot more to pip awards than the raw interpretation of the question.

    There’s a hell of a, lot of case law behind decisions too which is why so many tribunals win because they can quote previous cases.

    I have always been awarded standard on both elements few years ago I felt I was worse so on review I thought I’d stand a chance of more points. I got one less. I had help with a written MR and the dwp “lost” it & redid the application with the same results. Went to tribunal & after a year wait they found in my favour in under 3 minutes. I had Fightbak4justice do all my paperwork & prep me.

    The court staff even security were absolutely lovely so caring friendly & nice and here we are now. If you get a reduction especially please get help do an MR & be prepared to go to a tribunal. I was terrified literally shaking on the day but everyone was just so kind. U like the dwp.

    Unfortunately like everything in this country unless you fight you get the shaft. Always ask the dwp for the pa4 the assessors report & ho thru look for the lies. Mine said I can stick my own Butrans patches to my own upper back for one.

    Yeah you don’t have a car to show for it at the end of a lease period or on leaving the scheme but that’s why leasing etc isn’t for everyone you also don’t have to contend with depreciation, cowboy me hs (altho if you can buy a new car you’d dodge them there too). Having had carefree motoring from company cars then private ownership now my first motability car I know which I prefer but that’s also likely down to my anxiety & panic attacks so less to worry about.

    Certainly wish you all the best & hope you get your award back whether you stay put of the scheme or not if anyone needs the award they need the award.

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    Berenice Anderson

    Whilst I understand the need for certain people to have a car from the scheme I fail to see why you are using expensive TV adverts on every single ad break when people who need the vehicles are already well informed about them, the current advert showing people singing in their cars is embarrassing and frankly appalling, the voices sound like nails dragging down a blackboard and according to social media I am one of  the millions of people who switch it off as soon as it comes on, so who are you reaching, for the sake of every ones sanity please take this obnoxious ad off our screens

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    Oh well 1st time I’ve seen the AD, it’s terrible hope I never see or hear the crap ever again as long as I live….

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    It crops up all the time on you tube.  At least you can switch it off after 5 seconds.

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    Glos Guy

    Whilst I understand the need for certain people to have a car from the scheme I fail to see why you are using expensive TV adverts on every single ad break when people who need the vehicles are already well informed about them, the current advert showing people singing in their cars is embarrassing and frankly appalling, the voices sound like nails dragging down a blackboard and according to social media I am one of the millions of people who switch it off as soon as it comes on, so who are you reaching, for the sake of every ones sanity please take this obnoxious ad off our screens

    Berenice – Your post reads as though it’s addressed to Motability. Presumably you know that this forum has nothing to do with them? You might want to also send your comments direct to Motability. BTW, I think that most of us agree that the ad is cringeworthy and will probably do more harm than good (disabled people on benefits getting ‘free’ cars etc) but the reality is that two-thirds of people in receipt of higher rate mobility are not in the Motability scheme. There is a view that some of this is down to lack of awareness of the scheme (hence the ad) but I suspect that most use their benefits to help pay bills or are happy to run their own car at less expense than the £10k benefits that need to be sacrificed even for a car with zero Advance Payment.

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